Snake Mysteries Illuminated by The Mother

In her right hand she grasps the head of a long greenish snake spotted with purple-brown the body of which winds up the upturned flat underside of her forearm, over her right shoulder, down one side of her back, over her buttocks, up the other side, over her left shoulder, and down her right arm.

A second snake has its tail looped over the right ear of the Goddess from which it winds down frontwards over her right shoulder follows the curve of her exposed breast. It continues down below her waist, then loops back up the left side of her torso, up in front of her left ear, and up her tall hat to the summit.

It would appear that a third snake entwines her waist, its body forming a knot in the front. ~ Christopher LCE Whitomb, “Women in the Aegean”

Today, Luna finds Herself fully illuminated in the sign of Scorpio, a water sign where She is most at home.  With Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, we are often pointed towards the Underworld when we find ourselves in Scorpio’s waters.  Let’s remember, however, that Pluto also deals with the realm of REBIRTH.  It is in this space of Rebirth that we can connect to the Mysteries of Scorpio’s Deep Waters.  It is these Mysteries that are being ILLUMINATED at this Full Moon ~ the moon known as Vesak (Wesak). Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, reminds us of the Wisdom attained by Buddha’s Enlightenment and points the way towards our own liberation.

This wisdom and light that flashed and radiated under the historic Bodhi Tree … illuminated the way by which mankind could cross, from a world of superstition, or hatred and fear, to a new world of light, of true love and happiness. ~ The Significance of Vesak

The Wisdom attained by the Buddha is the Gift attainable through Scorpio’s Mysteries:

  • Snake Mysteries
  • Tantric Mysteries
  • Alchemical Mysteries
  • Shamanic Mysteries

Each of these Mysteries are deeply rooted in our Life Force Energy known as SHAKTI.

Geraldine Gesell argues that … the “Snake Goddess” had the broader function of Universal Mother or Earth Goddess and was thereby principally a fertility deity. ~ Christopher LCE Whitomb, “Women in the Aegean”

The Snake Goddess and the Snake Mysteries evoke the power of our Life Force Energy ~ of our SHAKTI ~ also known as Kundalini, a latent FEMALE energy believed to be coiled like a snake at the base our spine.  It is from this female energy ~ our Life Force Energy ~ that Life is birthed, and so it is natural to identify fertility with Its force.

With Luna, our Divine Mother, illuminating your Life Force Energy at this potent time, what power is desiring to be rebirthed through you???

Which of the Mysteries will you use to unveil the Wisdom desiring to come forth from your inner depths?

Which of the Dark Goddesses ~ Kali, Pele, Hecate, Medusa or Sehkmet ~ will you choose to align with as you journey into your deepest realms to investigate the ecstasy and bliss that is ready to burst forth like liquid fire?

At this Full Moon, Luna in Scorpio is standing across the sky from Demeter and Medusa in Taurus.  Her Light falls upon the fertile soil that lies between the Earth Mother and the Snake Goddess, activating both of them for the Collective Consciousness.

That which is being Rebirthed through you, and also through Humanity, will be gratefully received by the Earth Mother as She is reunited with that which has long been lost to you/us.

What is it that has been lost to us?

Medusa may hold the key for us.  Before her hair was turned to snakes, before the sight of her turned a person to stone, Medusa was a beautiful Priestess who served in the temple of Athena ~ Goddess of Wisdom.

Hmmm??? There’s that “WISDOM” word again!

Athena turned Medusa into a “monster” out of rage for her having defiled Her Temple. What could Medusa have possibly done to defile the Temple?

S ~ E ~ X!

Some stories say that Neptune/Poseidon seduced Medusa, others say that He took her by force.  Yes, I mean, He raped her.  The victim is punished. And, Humanity has a collective history of usurping power through sexual exploitation.  So, whatever has been lost to you has to do with your Sexuality AND Its Wisdom. Wow!  That sounds a lot like Life Force Energy, Kundalini, and Tantra.

Therefore, we must allow ourselves space ~ space to be alone, space to be quiet, and space to deeply inquire:

  • “What truth about myself am I hiding from?”
  • “What is it about myself am I most afraid to face?”
  • “What part of myself has received my wrath?”
  • “What part of myself requires my compassion?”
  • “What part of myself am I willing to TRUST again?”

I remind you that the New Moon in Taurus and this Full Moon in Scorpio have been activating the Relationship Path of the Sacred Consort.  I pray that the Wisdom you are rebirthing at this time will reconnect you with your Inner Sacred Consort.

For me personally, I am experiencing these energies through my 5th House (speaking truth and honoring creativity) and my 11th House (my contribution to a greater vision for humanity). If you would like to know how the Wisdom you are rebirthing is showing up, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me.  When you use the CODE: SNAKE, I will give you a 20% discount. This offer expires on the New Moon in Gemini, May 25th.

Many blessings to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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