Claiming your BOON from Jupiter

This past year (9/9/2016 ~ 10/10/2017), Jupiter ~ our Cosmic Guru ~ beamed His radiant Illumination on our evolving Sacred Relationship, the sign of Libra.  In accordance with the As Above, so Below ~ As Within, So Without Mysteries, Jupiter’s guiding Voice is that of our Inner Guru ~ our Inner Being.  Libra as an Air Sign is the space in which we can clearly hear the Voice that is desiring to teach us about ourselves, and with Venus as the ruler of Libra, the Voice we hear is the Voice of the Sacred Feminine.  Now that Jupiter has turned His radiant Illumination towards Scorpio’s deep mystical waters, it is a good time to reflect back over the past year that our Cosmic Guru gently breezed through our realm of Sacred Relationship to enumerate the myriad opportunities, experiences and ways in which we were offered awakened into Sacred Relationship.

Any good teacher will begin their address on new material by telling you what they expect you to know by the end of their presentation, then they provide you with the instruction on the new material, and finally they have you review what you have learned about the new material. Jupiter, being a good teacher, expects us to realize what we have activated in Sacred Relationship, and when we do, we are able to recognize and receive the BOON He has left us.

To do this, we must clarify what it means to be in Sacred Relationship.  Sacred Relationship is always about BEing in Sacred Relationship with our Self ~ FIRST.  When we are in Sacred Relationship with our Self, we are able to “step into our GREATNESS;” we are able to immerse ourselves in the FULLNESS of “Who we Are;” we are able to merge with the Unified Source Field ~ the frequency of LOVE. This is what it means to be a Master of Sacred Relationship.  We begin by FEELING connected with our Sacred Vessel (our physical body).  When we are able to genuinely FEEL how good it is to connected with our bodies, then we our Awareness naturally expands into FEELING connected with each of our Chakras.  Our Chakras are our energetic gateways to our Inner Being.  As we FEEL more deeply and more fully connected to our Chakras, we are able to genuinely FEEL how good it is to simultaneously be connected with our Sacred Vessel AND our Inner Being.  This momentum of expansion allows us to ease into FEELING connected with the Larger Part of us which is “Who we REALLY Are.”  The FEELING of BEing connected with the Fullness of Who we ARE is a feeling of PEACE and WELL-BEING ~ it is our BEING-NESS.  EVERYTHING we KNOW ourselves to BE is the GREATNESS of ALL That IS.  From this space of BEING-NESS, we FEEL loved by ALL That IS and we FEEL love for ALL That IS.  We KNOW that “Who we ARE” is PURE LOVE.  We are AWARE that PURE LOVE is ALL~Ways flowing into us and through us.  We KNOW that we are an Embodiment of LOVE. We are in Sacred Relationship with our Self.

Libra is the sign of Sacred Relationship.  It is important to understand this energetic relationship because the astrological house in your natal astrology chart that Libra rules IS “the path of least resistance” for how YOU are able to MOST EASILY ALLOW yourself to BE in Sacred Relationship with your Self.  There are numerous aspects about the astrological house that Libra rules in your chart that bestow upon you valuable insights as to how Juipter ~ the Cosmic Guru/Inner Guru ~ was expanding your EVOLVING Sacred Relationship with your Self.

For instance, Libra rules my FOURTH HOUSE. The Fourth House is one of the important “angular houses” which coincides with your I.C. and has great influence on you. The I.C. represents your Soul’s “energetic tap root” ~ where you come from and the way in which you energetically ground and support yourself.  The Fourth House has to do with what you consider “HOME” to be ~ what FEELS like home to you.  HOME includes your childhood home, your current home, family, land and your personal roots (ancestral lineage).  The Fourth House is ruled by the water sign Cancer, and the sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  Thus, the Fourth House represents the Lunar energy of Maiden, Mother and Elder (your Inner Child, your birth mother, your maternal lineage, your Inner Mother, being a Mother, the Grandmother Clan, Grandmother Earth, the Divine Mother). The water element represents your Emotional Self, your subconscious, your intuition and your Inner Emotional Safety, Security and Well-Being including your capacity to TRUST. The Fourth House also includes your capacity to create, birth, nurture and sustain Life. The caretaker, family, kindness, empathy, comforting and vulnerability are other intrinsic components of the Fourth House.

Once you have become familiar with the composition of your path of least resistance to your EVOLVING Sacred Relationship with your Self, here are some questions for you to utilize as focal points of Inner Inquiry to discover how Jupiter facilitated your personal development and consummation of more fully perfecting Sacred Relationship with your Self:

  • What new aspects of my Self do I now KNOW?
  • How have I grown in relationship to my Self?
  • What Wisdom about my Self have I acquired?
  • In what ways has my Conscious Awareness of my Self expanded?
  • How much more deeply am I connected to my Evolving Self?
  • Am I more Loving and Cherishing of “Who I AM?”
  • Am I allowing more of my GREATNESS to flow through my BEing?

Allow these questions to be the jumping-off place for your Self-Inquiry.  Your Inner Being will avail Itself of the momentum they create and inspire you with deeper and more personally fulfilling avenues to the Wisdom you are seeking.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. ~ Matthew 7:7

BEing in Sacred Relationship requires YOUR ATTENTION which is the purpose of meditation. Meditation allows you to FOCUS on your Self. The value of a meditative practice is that it provides you with a means to use inspired imagination to get from where you are in 3D consciousness to where you desire to be (5D+ consciousness).

With the Fourth House as my path of least resistance for BEing in Sacred Relationship, when I am in meditation, I concentrate on the FEELINGS of being grounded, supported, embraced, nurtured, cared for and provided for.  I really allow myself to soak in them until I start to get pruny. These FEELINGS are Root Chakra energies that are immensely soothing for me.  Using my meditation practice to dive into my Root Chakra is like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne for me. The fizziness quickly raises my Awareness into each higher Chakra as it bubbles up. I am spontaneously connected with my Inner Being, and together, WE soften into the Reality of my innate state ~ the FULLNESS of Who I AM.

The BOON I have received from Jupiter is the Gift of SIGNIFICANCE.  I AM Signficant, and it feels profoundly intimate. Over the course of the past year as Jupiter has made His sojourn through Libra, I have come to realize and appreciate the Beauty of Who I AM and to deeply love and cherish my Self for Who I AM.

When you choose to honor your Self by becoming Consciously Aware of how your Sacred Relationship has become more cooperative and collaborative, so that you can more openly FLOW the Fullness of Who You ARE into your manifest reality, you will realize the BOON that Jupiter has left for you to relish.  I invite you to come back here when you do, and share its magnificence with me in the comment section below.

For those who desire assistance with their discovery, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading.

Many blessings to you, Beloveds!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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Surrendering to COSMIC Consciousness

painted by Susan Seddon Boulet

Chiron (our Cosmic Shaman) has reached the critical point (29°) of Pisces, okay technically 28°52′, AND that is “close enough for government work” as they say.  He has been sitting here (stationed) for FOUR days and will spend another FOUR days here before beginning His retrograde. (Yes, I am aware most people say the journey begins tomorrow, July 1st.) Chiron will follow this path back through Pisces until He reaches 24°19′ of Pisces the day after our Independence Day celebration.

IMAGINE!!!  Our Cosmic Shaman is beaming His Shamanic Medicine to us from this critical point in the Sky for EIGHT days!!  Before Chiron can move from Pisces into Aries, where He will infuse us with His Shamanic Medicine of  standing in the frequency of SELF~Love, He is making sure we have received ALL of His Medicine for being able to Merge ourselves with our Divine Selves and for being able to surrender to Cosmic Consciousness while maintaining our Awareness of our Selves.

The number 8 represents the symbol for INFINITY ~ that which we know as Cosmic Consciousness. According to Numerologist Joanne Walmsley, the frequency of the number 8 includes:

  • compassion
  • spiritual consciousness
  • expansion
  • dimension of the timeless
  • ability to see and relate to eternal dimensions
  • breaks down barriers to transformation
  • a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation.

These are the very themes of the Shamanic Medicine of Chiron in Pisces!!!

Chiron’s retrograde journey will take us all the way into December back to 24°19′ of Pisces. The last time Chiron visited this place in the Sky was March 8th of this year, just 10 days after the New Moon in Pisces.  What was showing up in your life 3 /2 months ago?  I had written this post on The Illuminating Gift of the Goddess.

The Sabian Symbol for 24° Pisces is A Religious Organization Succeeds In Overcoming The Corrupting Influence Of Perverted Practices and Materialized Ideals.  There is something VERY IMPORTANT about this symbol that Chiron is ensuring that we receive before He is ready to move out of Pisces.  I believe that it has to do with this message from Tara Greene about Healing the Original Wound:

Chiron turns Retro at 28+ degrees PISCES, take us all back into opening up and revisiting the original wounds we need to heal for the sake of all of humanity now. I was reading something about this earlier. To heal the original wound in humanity is to heal the split of the Patriarchy, its’ deluded fear of women’s power and its own sense of inherent weakness and separation from Source because they do not participate directly in birthing. The Patriarchy has dominated women and nature and controlled women and men for over 5,000 years now through brainwashing, indoctrination using religion as its #1 weapon. The original wound is always fear and not love no matter who it is directed at. If men could only face their own sense of vulnerability and heal that the world would be a better more compassionate and more loving place.

AND, I have received the Wisdom that the Women on our planet are the Way-Showers for this healing. Until there exists a critical mass for the number of women who have cleared the remnants of the Wound of Patriarchy within them, so that they can allow themselves to reconnect with the Sacred Masculine within (requiring deep Trust in BEing vulnerable), the men on the planet will be unable to embrace their own vulnerability.

It is not the responsibility of the men to establish a more loving and compassionate world. It is the responsibility of ALL of us to do this work, with the women leading the way.  As women, it is US who have the capacity to hold the space of COMPASSION for both the Wound of the Patriarchy AND the Patriarchy, Itself. This is the bridge that must be built FIRST.

Felina Lune Kavi also speaks to the Wound:

Chiron in Pisces is essentially a wound of separation from Great Spirit, marked by a healing path in service to Spirit and a desire for Divine Love expressed through us … The gift within that wound is a wellspring of unconditional, transpersonal, universal love that is our remembering of and reconnecting with the Divine within.

My natal Chiron is in Pisces conjunct Jupiter (our Cosmic Guru) in the 9th house (ruled by Jupiter). This is why Hieros Gamos (the Sacred Marriage/Union of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine) is so important to my Soul and to the work that I offer Humanity in service to both our planet and the Sacred Feminine.

As Chiron stations, He is exactly opposite my natal Vesta in Virgo. As a High Priestess, I must rebirth the Wisdom of Hieros Gamos onto the planet, and Chiron, as our Cosmic Shaman, provides me with the Shamanic Medicine, the source of my Sacred Gift, to bring this Wisdom forth into the Collective Consciousness for the healing of Humanity.

This year, 2017, is a POWERFUL year of Celestial Support for the Expansion of Consciousness and the clearing and re-balancing of the Collective Consciousness.


And, a key component of my work is to support you in doing your work!  Thus, because of my Vow to the Sacred Feminine and the urgency I feel in bringing forth the Wisdom of Hieros Gamos, I am now offering the following TWO GIFTS in support of all Planetary Healers, Light Workers, Galactic Beings, Shamans, Priestesses, Artists, Mothers & Muses.  These GIFTS will remain available to YOU through New Year’s Eve. Be sure to share them with your family and friends!

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Please contact me directly to schedule these sessions at my Gift price.

Many blessings to you, Beloveds!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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The Finger of the Goddess

It’s only hours before the Summer Solstice becomes exact at 12:38 am EST tomorrow, June 21st.  AND, right now, we are being blessed by the Divine Energies of a YOD ~ “the finger of Goddess.” A YOD is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third.  In our current YOD, Venus in Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Neptune (higher octave of Venus) in Pisces are in sextile to each other and form the base of the triangle.  The apex of the triangle is Jupiter in Libra (ruled by Venus).

Yod is the tenth Hebrew letter with significant kabbalistic and mystical significance regarding the name of God, his omnipresence and our humility.  … The Yod is a challenging aspect pattern but holds great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.

This pattern creates a particular and strong energy, stronger than you would get by these aspects on their own. I like to use the analogy of a crystal here, a very definite and unique structure which holds a special type of energy which took a long time to create. …

The energy of the two planets in sextile is focused like a laser beam on the action point, in this case Jupiter. A sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy. The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. ~ Astrology King

It is clear that the Sacred Feminine (Venus) is infusing the Power of this YOD with Her Divine WILL ~ Her Sankalpa.

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will.[1]

With Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces as the base of this YOD, a very stable and secure foundation for Universal Love is being re-established on our planet.  Together, Venus and Neptune are rewiring the Codes in our DNA to bring online a reorientation towards the value for LIFE and the Oneness of LIFE.  This groundwork is being laid for the well-being of our planet and the next seven generations.

Through the Grace of our Cosmic Guru (Jupiter), the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is receiving a “quickening” ~ an electromagnetic stimulation straight from Source.  Simultaneously, the Frequency of LOVE which Our Cosmic Guru is receiving from the Source of ALL That IS (Pisces) and from Venus, Herself, is being amplified to reactivate the Wisdom of Hieros Gamos (Libra) within each of us. It is by His Grace that this Ancient Knowledge is being triggered in a manner that allows the Collective Consciousness of Humanity to merge with it in the Higher Realms through Neptune and to enable our Individual Consciousness to connect with it here in the lower realm as Venus grounds it on our planet (Taurus).

The Sacred Feminine is NOT playing around!  She will re-establish the Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship.  We are not at a carnival where you can pick and choose which rides you want to go on.  There are no tickets for this Cosmic Ride to Enlightenment.  We are all on this roller-coaster together, so make sure you are buckled in tightly!

It is important to know how this Cosmic Dance of Transcendence is being unveiled within you.  Which Houses in your Chart are holding the energies of Taurus, Libra and Pisces?  Are there any other planets or points in your chart that are being awakened by Venus, Jupiter and Neptune?

For me, personally, I have a YOD in my chart with Osiris (husband of Isis ~ together, representing Hieros Gamos) in Sagittarius and Saturn (our Cosmic Gatekeeper) in Aquarius as the base and Orcus (our Vows) conjoined Pallas Athena (Wisdom Goddess & Warrior Queen) in Cancer at the apex.  This YOD represents the Power behind the Sacred Vow that I made to the Sacred Feminine (the Great Mother ~ the ONE whose Womb creates All and stands as the Silent Witness ~ ruler of Cancer).  My Vow is to utilize my Inner Wisdom Goddess and Inner Warrior Queen to bring forth the Ancient Knowledge of Hieros Gamos.  For me, utilizing the creative aspect of the Sacred Masculine from the Invisible realms to clearing of the Wound of Patriarchy in the Visible realm is the foundation for how I can serve the Sacred Feminine in restoring Sacred Union within the Hearts of Humanity.

EVERY point of my Sacred Vow YOD is being activated RIGHT NOW by Jupiter, the apex of our “Summer Solstice” YOD (Venus, Neptune, Jupiter). Because the “theme” of both YODs is the re-establishment of the Wisdom of Hieros Gamos, I am personally being activated today in a divinely mystical way by the building blocks of Creation.  My Sacred Vow and my Sacred Service are being magnanimously inaugurated by the Sacred Feminine.

If you would like to know how the Summer Solstice YOD is unfolding within you, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me. When you use the CODE: TRUTH, I will give you a 20% discount.  This offer expires on the Full Moon in Capricorn, July 9th..

Also, remember that our New Moon in Cancer will be two days after tomorrow’s Summer Solstice on June 23rd.

I also invite you to share your feedback in the comments below.  Thank you!

Much LOVE to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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Celebrating the Light of Consciousness

Today, on Father’s Day, the Sun stands directly across the Sky from the Galactic Center, the Womb which birthed It and everything, seen and unseen, in our Galaxy.  These two potent places in our Sky are receiving Ancient Medicine from our Cosmic Shamanic Healer (Chiron) who is sitting at the apex of Their polarity.  This Ancient Medicine is the Frequency of LOVE, and It is pouring forth from the SOURCE of ALL That Is ~ the Unmanifest ~ the Undifferentiated ~ the ONE: the Great Mother ~ who stands in Wholeness behind the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine who, in turn, begat the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Everything is created and sustained through the Frequency of LOVE which IS the Essence of the Great Mother.

Just as the Galactic Center is known as the Heart of our Galaxy, the Sun is known as our Heart ~ our spiritual Heart or Heart Chakra.  It is through the Heart that the Frequency of LOVE flows.  LOVE is flowing through the Galactic Heart into the Sun, and LOVE is flowing from the Sun into our own Sacred Hearts.  As LOVE flows into our Sacred Hearts, It’s Medicine is healing our Inner Realm where every piece of our Self, known (conscious) and unknown (unconscious), lives.  All of these pieces are aspects of our Inner Feminine who mirrors the Sacred Feminine and our Inner Masculine who mirrors the Sacred Masculine.  Where there remain pieces unknown (unconcious), there exists an imbalance between our Inner Feminine and our Inner Masculine. The HEALING process from the Frequency of LOVE is a Gift from the Great Mother to assist us in the re-balancing of our Inner Feminine and our Inner Masculine.  It is GRACE descending upon us from Heaven.

When we do not understand the value of a gift, we lose interest in it and cast it aside.  Mercury in Cancer today, conjoined with my natal Moon (Divine Mother) in Cancer (the Great Mother), is using my instrument to share the message of the value of this Gift that is hidden from many.

Our Souls’ journeys have ONE purpose: to reunite with Source, to become ONE with the ONE, to return to the Great Mother. This is what is known as Moksha ~ Liberation.  There are many paths for these journeys to take, and in the end, all journeys must go through the same portal to return Home.  This portal is Hieros Gamos ~ the Sacred Marriage or Sacred Union.  When the Great Mother separated Herself from Herself, She created the Sacred Feminine (Shakti) and the Sacred Masculine (Shiva). The ONLY path back to the ONE is that which Jesus called The Way.  The Way IS Hieros Gamos ~ the Sacred Union of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

The Way is in an Inner Journey.  This Inner Journey is the quest to bring all the pieces of our Selves that are unknown (unconscious) into the Light of the Known (Consciousness).  When all pieces are restored to the Light, the Inner Feminine and the Inner Masculine are once more in Balance. Once the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine are balanced, Hieros Gamos can occur.  The Sacred Union happens within the Spiritual Heart.  This is why the Sacred Heart is known as the Chalice, or the Holy Grail: the bowl of the Chalice represents the Womb of the Sacred Feminine and the stem of the Chalice represents the Sword (phallus) of the Sacred Masculine. When They are in Sacred Union, They create the Holy Grail.  Once the Chalice is installed in the Sacred Heart, our Souls can “ascend fully enlightened” and return to the ONE.

This is the VALUE of the GIFT we are receiving today from the Great Mother as the Sun (Divine Father) stands across the Sky from the Galactic Center.  Through Her Grace, we are being uplifted and healed by the Frequency of LOVE that every person on our planet is receiving, ultimately, from our Sun.  This regeneration of our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine is a masculine principle.  Together, the Mother and the Father create LIFE.

The Frequency of LOVE that is pouring forth to us is also preparing us for the Summer SOLstice ~ the day of honoring the SOLar (Sun) God’s (Fathers). The Summer Solstice takes place when the Sun reaches 0° Cancer (the Great Mother) AND the Sun stands still here for three days.

The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within each and every person, and to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to awaken.

The progress of the Sun throughout the year symbolizes the process of attaining enlightenment, and the Summer Solstice is the final climax of this journey as the day of most light in the year. It symbolizes the ascension found in many great spiritual teachings. ~ Belsebuub, The Path of the Spiritual Sun

Stonehenge, one of the most famous sacred sites in the world, aligns to the summer solstice (photo CC BY 2.0 by simonwakefield).

As the Sun stands at the threshold of the Great Mother, our Cosmic Messenger (Mercury) will be standing there beside Him to share “the good news.”  The good news is that the Kingdom of God/dess is within us. Everyone of us has the Grace and the power to return Home when we follow The Way.

The Relationship Path that is activated by the Summer Solstice is The Path of Home, Family and Community.  During the Solstice, Mars (Inner Masculine) will also be in Cancer, signifying the importance of how the Sacred Masculine has been “put on the cross and sacrificed” by the Patriarchy.  Mars in Cancer desires to provide a healthy foundation for others to grow.  He is committed to protecting and nurturing the welfare of others: our planet, our children and our families.  As the Light of the Sacred Masculine rises within you, ask yourself, “How can I create a safe space for the next seven generations?”  “What will that look like in my home, for my family and within the community?”

The first step is to clear the remnants of the Wound of the Patriarchy from your Inner Realm.  The false beliefs from the Wound of the Patriarchy can be discovered through our Shadow Aspects (the unknown pieces of our Selves) that are mirrored in our father/daughter relationships. They sabotage every other relationship we have, particularly with men and strong women.

Excavating these false beliefs and clearing the remnant frequencies of the Wound of the Patriarchy is a vital step towards self-empowerment, realigning the balance between our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine, and ultimately, restoring Sacred Relationship which leads us to Hieros Gamos.

Sacred Relationship was modeled on our planet through Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus), whom I know as Isa. If you are noticing the Presence of the Magdalene in your life, you are ready for this work. All you need to do is open your Heart to it and whisper “yes.”

I am offering a SUPER SPECIAL Father’s Day rate to experience the multidimensional power of this work that has been birthed through me by the Sacred Feminine. THAT is how important this work is. We are on the leading-edge of a Revolution – the LOVE Revolution.

Hear the Call and JOIN US!

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Much LOVE to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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A Visit from my Ancient Elder

painted by David K John

Hello, Beloveds!

Another post so soon??? Right! The mind reels, doesn’t it! LOL That’s because this post is DIRECTLY related to yesterday’s message about the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Before I get into it, I must share with you the amazing evening I had last night with some Gorgeous Goddesses ~ awesome women I met for the first time ~ and one spectacular Puerto Rican Padre.  We dined and danced together, and the highlight of the night was being on the ocean for a crystal bowl ceremony in honor of the Moon and World Invocation Day.

Just as the bowls began to play, the Moon peaked up over the horizon.  It was truly awe~inspiring and mystical to watch Her ascend in the Sky.  All of this is important to know because I feel it set the stage for my mind to be in the perfect space to receive the visitation from my Ancient Elder.

I wrote about the Ancient Elder within yesterday. The Ancient Elder is one of the Archetypes of Capricorn.  Having Capricorn as my Sun sign in the 7th house (house of partnerships), I am recognized as an Elder in my relationships, yet until yesterday, I never consciously acknowledged the existence of a relationship with our Inner Ancient Elder.  Strange, to say the least!  You see, when I write a blog post, I never know what will come forth until I sit down at the keyboard.  It is clear to me now that my Inner Ancient Elder was opening the door for Her impending visitation.  She appeared last night in my dreams.  With my Mercury in Aquarius, the Dreamtime is where and how I receive my messages and visitations.

Here is my dream:

I was in a restaurant sitting at a table with some of my family and friends.  I happened to look over my left shoulder, and I saw my Granny (my father’s mother) sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant.  I am stunned to see her sitting there because she is deceased!  I heard myself exclaim, “Granny!  What are you doing here?!”  I jumped out of my chair and ran back to her to give her a big hug.  I said to her, “I can’t believe you are here!  All these years, I thought you were dead!  Why did they tell me you were dead?!”  The next thing I knew, my Aunt Barbara (my father’s eldest sister) was sitting at the table with us. I turned to her and asked her, “WHY did you tell me Granny had died!?”  Her entire demeanor got very stiff and unapologetic.  “It was for the best,” she insisted.  I asked her a few more times about why she had done it and why it was for the best, but she just dug in and would not respond to me. The funny thing was that I was keenly aware that  I wasn’t even getting mad at my Aunt Barbara about it. I was just so excited to be sitting with my Granny again.  So, I told my Granny that I wanted to introduce her to my friends and family. As I was saying this to Granny, in the back of my mind, I heard my Inner Critic chastising me for suggesting the introductions, telling me that my family and friends would be judgmental and uncomfortable about meeting her. (My parents were divorced when I was a year old, and my mother’s family doesn’t know my father’s family.)  Fortunately, I was able to quiet my Inner Critic, and as I introduced my Granny to my friends and family, she was warmly received.

When I awoke, I didn’t remember my dream right away.  It was about an hour or so later that it came back to me, and the meaning of it was present with its recollection.

It was very clear that my Granny represented my Inner Ancient Elder.  I love that my Inner Ancient Elder showed up as Feminine.  I also love that it was my father’s mother rather than my mother’s mother because that was a nod to my Sun (Earthly Father / Divine Father) in Capricorn (Ancient Elder).  My Aunt Barbara represented my egoic self, working to “protect” me, as the ego does, from anything that will hurt us ~ including judgments, criticism, and disapproval.  Of course, I believed my Granny was dead because I was not in touch with my Ancient Elder.  And, the friends and family that were at the table with me in the restaurant (nourishing/nurturing place for ourselves) were the other aspects of myself with whom I am in relationship.  What a blessing that they received my Ancient Elder so warmly.  What a blessing that I have reconnected with my Inner Ancient Elder.

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

I hope my experience will help you to reconnect with your own Ancient Elder.  Please share your experiences with your own Ancient Elder in the comment section below.  I look forward to reading them.

Many blessings to you, Gorgeous Goddesses!
Sofia Mona Lisa

ps. Here is a picture of my Granny, father, me and Aunt Barbara:

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Opening your Heart to the Sacred Masculine


Well, Gorgeous Goddesses, it’s been a month since I have reached out to share in a significant way.  Since my Alchemical Creation High Priestess Emergence Ceremony, I have been discovering a new center within myself. The Gemini New Moon energies were significantly supportive of my Magical Maiden and her playful settling into this new space of creation. For those of you who follow me at The Golden Ray Center’s FaceBook page, you were able to bear witness to some of the unfolding of my process.  If you are not connected with me through my FaceBook page, I invite you to join me there as it is another container for valuable insights, inspiration and support that does not make it into this blog or my newsletter.

Today is our Sagittarius Full Moon at 18°!  Sagittarius is the Lover of Truth and the Quest for meaning and purpose.  Sagittarius inspires expanded states of consciousness.  I love this Full Moon because my Inner/Sacred Feminine (Venus) is in Sagittarius.  She loves to have the spotlight on Her and to receive Illumination from the Divine Mother (Luna).

The foundation for this Sagittarius Full Moon is the FIRE trine between the North Node (our Cosmic GPS) and the Saturn/Galactic Center conjunction.  I have written earlier this year about the significance of Saturn being conjoined with our Galactic Center ~ the HEART of our Galaxy ~ which is streaming the Sophia-Christ Consciousness energies straight into our own Hearts, like an arrow hitting the center of a bull’s eye.  You can read about that here.  The significance of this FIRE trine is that it is reassuring Humanity that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in our evolution.  Everything that we are experiencing is PERFECT!

There are four other significant streams of energy coming through at this time that are being fed power and momentum from the FIRE trine.  In fact, the Cosmic FUELing of these streams of energy is more potent than any energy source we are currently aware of on our planet!  WHEW!!!  You ARE feeling it, aren’t you?!?!

These FOUR significant streams of energy are pouring in from the Venus (2TA39) / Mercury (3GE54) semi-sextile,  the Mercury (3GE54) / Mars (2CN52) semi-sextile, the Moon (18SG22) / Pluto (18CP51) semi-sextile and the Venus (2TA39) / Mars (2CN52) sextile.  Please take particular note that two of the energies paving the way for our integrative opportunities are Mercury in Gemini and Moon (Luna) in Sagittarius.  Mercury (Cosmic Messenger) and Luna (Divine Mother) are holding the polarities of the Relationship Path of the Quest Mate, which is being activated by our New Moon in Gemini and Full Moon in Sagittarius this month!  Through the Relationship Path of the Quest Mate, we are desiring to be with the person(s) who support our spiritual quest ~ our search for Truth.  This person is very likely NOT your significant other, and it is a beautiful experience when it is.  That is because the Quest Mate relationship requires much SPACE and FREEDOM.  Thus, we often recognize this relationship through the Guru/Disciple dynamic. Remember, we are forging new territory in Sagittarius, so the old ways of the Guru/Disciple may be too limiting for you depending on where you are in your personal evolution.  At this Sagittarius Full Moon, the Inner Guru is your Quest Mate.  How do you define your Inner Guru in this moment? Is it your Inner Feminine or your Inner Masculine?  Is it the Divine Mother or Divine Father?  Perhaps the Goddess or the Priestess Oversoul is your Quest Mate right now.  OR, maybe your Power Animal is desiring you to recognize it.  It is important for you to be aware of your Inner Guru, so that you can consciously engage with It.  Your Inner Guru IS absolutely revealing Itself to you right now!

Let’s take a deeper look at the Mercury / Mars and Moon / Pluto semi-sextiles:

Mercury (Cosmic Messenger and ruler of Gemini) is amplifying your ability to commune with both your inner world and the Cosmos.  It is clearing a way through the Fears and the Shadow of Patriarchy for you to rediscover and re-establish your connection with your Inner/Sacred Masculine (Mars).  In Cancer, the “softer” side of the Sacred Masculine is available to us.  We can feel safe to hear Him and to be Present with Him. He is desiring for you to know how much He loves and cherishes you.  He is desiring for you to know that He will care for you, support you and protect you, if you will open your Heart to Him and TRUST Him. Mercury in Gemini has opened-up the space within you to receive this message from your Inner/Sacred Masculine.  Relationships are a two-way street. He has been talking to you throughout your whole life, and His messages to you have been hitting up against the wall that all your fears around the Wound of the Patriarchy have created within you.  It is time, Beloved, to bring this wall down so that you can reconnect and re-engage with the nurturing love and commitment of your Inner/Sacred Masculine.  It is time to relax into His embrace for He is truly the safe space in which you can allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Luna (Divine Mother) in Sagittarius is bringing forth the TRUTH about the Wound of the Patriarchy and its perversion of the Sacred Masculine energy. The Truth is that we MUST reconnect with the Sacred Masculine.  This IS the only way to restore the Culture of Sovereignty and re-establish Sacred Relationship.  Until we reconnect with the Sacred Masculine, our Inner Masculine and our Inner Feminine cannot achieve Sacred Union ~ Hieros Gamos.  Hieros Gamos is the Way to Enlightenment.  For all those that are desiring Ascension, Hieros Gamos is the WAY.  Ascension is the process of expanding your consciousness into Sofia-Christ Consciousness.  When your consciousness is ONE with the Sofia-Christ Consciousness, you have become Enlightened.

As Luna beams this Truth across our Cosmos, the Ancient Elder (Capricorn) within each of us is remembering this Truth and re-embracing this Wisdom.  This is the Truth that will set us FREE! Our Inner Ancient Elder’s have been awakened by this “shot heard ’round the world” and are NOW consciously co-creating with the transformational and empowering energies of Pluto.  Humanity is recognizing the wake of destruction that has been left by the Patriarchy to our planet, its resources, our families, our women and our children.  Pluto has initiated the collapse of all our social systems that hold us prisoner to patriarchal domination and abuse.  Pluto has initiated the collapse of all the false beliefs that hold us prisoner to fear.  Now, together, we can empower ourselves through the Truth and Wisdom being received at this time to reclaim our Sovereignty and restore our Planet for the next Seven Generations!

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the Venus (2TA39) / Mercury (3GE54) semi-sextile and the Venus (2TA39) / Mars (2CN52) sextile:

Venus (Sacred Feminine) in Taurus is paving the way for the message (Mercury) from the Sacred Masculine (Mars) to be received into your Sacred Vessel ~ your body ~ planting (grounding) its resonance into every part of your DNA.  Together, Venus and Mars are activating your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine, preparing your Inner World for the transformational seeds of Their paradigm shifting Reality and Truth.  It is the seeds of their Truth that will rebirth the Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship through each of us!

I remind you that Saturn is conjoined with our Galactic Center in Sagittarius (the sign of Truth and Integrity). Saturn is building the foundation upon which the Wound of the Patriarchy will be healed gracefully through love, compassion and forgiveness, so that the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine can be fully actualized.  With the restoration of  the Sacred Masculine energy and the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine energy, the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine within all of Humanity will once more be balanced. Just to ensure the success of this Cosmic Decree, the Sophia-Christ Consciousness is being poured into us individually and globally through the Heart of our Galaxy.

If you would like to know how these current energies are unfolding within you, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me.  When you use the CODE: TRUTH, I will give you a 20% discount.  This offer expires on the New Moon in Cancer, June 23rd.

By the way, on June 23rd, Luna will have traveled across the Sky to stand where Mars (Sacred Masculine) is right now.  What a blessing from the Divine Mother!!

I also invite you to share your feedback in the comments below.  Thank you!

Much LOVE to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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Snake Mysteries Illuminated by The Mother

In her right hand she grasps the head of a long greenish snake spotted with purple-brown the body of which winds up the upturned flat underside of her forearm, over her right shoulder, down one side of her back, over her buttocks, up the other side, over her left shoulder, and down her right arm.

A second snake has its tail looped over the right ear of the Goddess from which it winds down frontwards over her right shoulder follows the curve of her exposed breast. It continues down below her waist, then loops back up the left side of her torso, up in front of her left ear, and up her tall hat to the summit.

It would appear that a third snake entwines her waist, its body forming a knot in the front. ~ Christopher LCE Whitomb, “Women in the Aegean”

Today, Luna finds Herself fully illuminated in the sign of Scorpio, a water sign where She is most at home.  With Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, we are often pointed towards the Underworld when we find ourselves in Scorpio’s waters.  Let’s remember, however, that Pluto also deals with the realm of REBIRTH.  It is in this space of Rebirth that we can connect to the Mysteries of Scorpio’s Deep Waters.  It is these Mysteries that are being ILLUMINATED at this Full Moon ~ the moon known as Vesak (Wesak). Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, reminds us of the Wisdom attained by Buddha’s Enlightenment and points the way towards our own liberation.

This wisdom and light that flashed and radiated under the historic Bodhi Tree … illuminated the way by which mankind could cross, from a world of superstition, or hatred and fear, to a new world of light, of true love and happiness. ~ The Significance of Vesak

The Wisdom attained by the Buddha is the Gift attainable through Scorpio’s Mysteries:

  • Snake Mysteries
  • Tantric Mysteries
  • Alchemical Mysteries
  • Shamanic Mysteries

Each of these Mysteries are deeply rooted in our Life Force Energy known as SHAKTI.

Geraldine Gesell argues that … the “Snake Goddess” had the broader function of Universal Mother or Earth Goddess and was thereby principally a fertility deity. ~ Christopher LCE Whitomb, “Women in the Aegean”

The Snake Goddess and the Snake Mysteries evoke the power of our Life Force Energy ~ of our SHAKTI ~ also known as Kundalini, a latent FEMALE energy believed to be coiled like a snake at the base our spine.  It is from this female energy ~ our Life Force Energy ~ that Life is birthed, and so it is natural to identify fertility with Its force.

With Luna, our Divine Mother, illuminating your Life Force Energy at this potent time, what power is desiring to be rebirthed through you???

Which of the Mysteries will you use to unveil the Wisdom desiring to come forth from your inner depths?

Which of the Dark Goddesses ~ Kali, Pele, Hecate, Medusa or Sehkmet ~ will you choose to align with as you journey into your deepest realms to investigate the ecstasy and bliss that is ready to burst forth like liquid fire?

At this Full Moon, Luna in Scorpio is standing across the sky from Demeter and Medusa in Taurus.  Her Light falls upon the fertile soil that lies between the Earth Mother and the Snake Goddess, activating both of them for the Collective Consciousness.

That which is being Rebirthed through you, and also through Humanity, will be gratefully received by the Earth Mother as She is reunited with that which has long been lost to you/us.

What is it that has been lost to us?

Medusa may hold the key for us.  Before her hair was turned to snakes, before the sight of her turned a person to stone, Medusa was a beautiful Priestess who served in the temple of Athena ~ Goddess of Wisdom.

Hmmm??? There’s that “WISDOM” word again!

Athena turned Medusa into a “monster” out of rage for her having defiled Her Temple. What could Medusa have possibly done to defile the Temple?

S ~ E ~ X!

Some stories say that Neptune/Poseidon seduced Medusa, others say that He took her by force.  Yes, I mean, He raped her.  The victim is punished. And, Humanity has a collective history of usurping power through sexual exploitation.  So, whatever has been lost to you has to do with your Sexuality AND Its Wisdom. Wow!  That sounds a lot like Life Force Energy, Kundalini, and Tantra.

Therefore, we must allow ourselves space ~ space to be alone, space to be quiet, and space to deeply inquire:

  • “What truth about myself am I hiding from?”
  • “What is it about myself am I most afraid to face?”
  • “What part of myself has received my wrath?”
  • “What part of myself requires my compassion?”
  • “What part of myself am I willing to TRUST again?”

I remind you that the New Moon in Taurus and this Full Moon in Scorpio have been activating the Relationship Path of the Sacred Consort.  I pray that the Wisdom you are rebirthing at this time will reconnect you with your Inner Sacred Consort.

For me personally, I am experiencing these energies through my 5th House (speaking truth and honoring creativity) and my 11th House (my contribution to a greater vision for humanity). If you would like to know how the Wisdom you are rebirthing is showing up, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me.  When you use the CODE: SNAKE, I will give you a 20% discount. This offer expires on the New Moon in Gemini, May 25th.

Many blessings to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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Blessed Beltane, Beloveds!


Beltane Altar

I was blessed by the Goddess to be initiated into the Beltane Mysteries at the age of 7 when I was selected by my elementary school to represent it as the May Queen in the May Day Parade (1970). No wonder I knew myself to be the Queen of the Fairies at that age!

Queen of the Fairies

Sunset to Sunset.
Beltane honors Life. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting with potent fertility and at this point in the Wheel of the Year, the potential becomes conception. On May Eve the sexuality of life and the earth is at its peak. Abundant fertility, on all levels, is the central theme. The Maiden goddess has reached her fullness. She is the manifestation of growth and renewal, Flora, the Goddess of Spring, the May Queen, the May Bride. The Young Oak King, as Jack-In-The-Green, as the Green Man, falls in love with her and wins her hand. The union is consummated and the May Queen becomes pregnant. Together the May Queen and the May King are symbols of the Sacred Marriage (or Heiros Gamos), the union of Earth and Sky, and this union has merrily been re-enacted by humans throughout the centuries. For this is the night of the Greenwood Marriage. It is about sexuality and sensuality, passion, vitality and joy. And about conception. A brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas, hopes and dreams into action. And have some fun…..
~ Celtica Witch

This May Day is not only a day of ceremony and celebration, it is also a day of Cosmic/Divine POWER!  Saturn, our Cosmic Gatekeeper ~ who is conjoined our Galactic Heart, is at an exact square to Chiron, our Cosmic Shamanic Healer.  Most profoundly, Chiron is located in Grandfather Sky right between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, our Cosmic Liberator! This is the SECOND GALACTIC ACTIVATION of our Cosmic Shamanic Healer since December 2016.

What does this mean for Humanity and Its Collective Consciousness?

We are being Initiated into Sofia~Christ Consciousness!!!  Our Awareness is being reawakened to our Truth … we ARE Divine Beings!  Each Being within The Temple of Humanity is receiving extremely refined frequencies ~ a Galactic Electrical Shock to their HEART ~ and incorporating them to restore their Heart’s alignment with Source.  With this realignment, each Being will wake up to their Truth and KNOW what has heart ~ spiritual meaning ~ and purpose for them. We are truly experiencing the process of Sacred Marriage within ourselves and within the Collective Consciousness at each Galactic Activation of our Cosmic Shamanic Healer. We are receiving Compassion from the Sofia~Christ Consciousness directly through our Galactic Heart and straight into our own Hearts.  We are embodying deeper and more expanded levels of Compassion for our human nature.  We are being transformed into Bodhisattvas!!  Through the Grace of the Divine, Humanity’s one Core Fracture Point is being HEALED.  No longer will we feel the piercing of our Hearts.  No longer will our Awareness be separated from UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. No longer will we be ignorant of our true Divine Nature.

For me personally, my natal Hecate and my natal Vesta are being activated through a Mutable Grand Cross with Saturn/Galactic Center and Chiron. My previous post on the April 2017 Cardinal Grand Cross discusses Vesta. Here, I will share a bit about the Triple (maiden, mother, crone) Moon Goddess Hecate.

Hecate, like Vesta, is a Virgin Goddess and Her realms are the earth, sea and sky ~ another reason She is referred to as a “triple” Goddess.  As a Triple Goddess, Hecate has the ability to see in all directions, including the past, present and future, at one time.  Her Gift of Sight enables us to connect with Her as an Oracle whenever we reach a “crossroads” in our lives.

Hecate reminds us of the importance of change, helping us to release the past, especially those things that are hindering our growth, and to accept change and transitions. She sometimes asks us to let go of what is familiar, safe, and secure and to travel to the scary places of the soul. New beginnings, whether spiritual or mundane, aren’t always easy. But Hecate is there to support and show [us] the way.  She loans Her farsightedness for [us] to see what lies deeply forgotten or even hidden, and helps [us] make a choice and find [our] path. Oft times She shines Her torch to guide [us] while [we] are in dreams or meditation. Hecate teaches us to be just and to be tolerant of those who are different or less fortunate … Whether the Greek Goddess Hecate visits us in waking hours or only while we sleep, She can lead us to see things differently (ourselves included) and help us find greater understanding of our selves and others.  Although her name may mean “The Distant One”, Hecate is always close at hand in times of need, helping us to release the old, familiar ways and find our way through new beginnings. ~ Goddess Gift

In my personal Mutable Grand Cross ~ which emphasizes the ability to see all sides (Hecate!), the axes that are being powerfully activated are the:

  • Gemini/Sagittarius Axis ~ Relationship Path of the Quest Mate.  (The Quest Mate is the person who supports your Spiritual Quest as your search for the Truth.)
    • Gemini (Hecate)~ The Eternal Maiden (feminine) and The Christ Child (masculine)
    • Sagittarius (Saturn/Galactic Center)~ The Vision Quest Sage (feminine) and The Heroic Voyager (masculine)
  • Virgo/Pisces Axis ~ Relationship Path of the Helpmate.  (The Helpmate is the person who is as equally dedicated to their Sacred Work as you are to yours.)
    • Virgo (Vesta) ~ The Inner High Priestess (feminine) and The Inner High Priest (masculine)
    • Pisces (Chiron) ~ The Heart Healer (feminine) and The Selfless Server (masculine)

Thus,  the Goddess Hecate IS my Quest Mate and my personal connection to the Divine Creative Muse.  The Goddess Vesta IS my Helpmate. Together, they are supporting me in the Shamanic Healing of the Core Fracture, helping me to be compassionate towards myself, nurturing the Immaculate Conception of Renewal that has occurred within me, and communicating to me a whole new understanding of myself as a divinely CREATIVE being.

If you would like to know how this current Galactic Activation of Chiron is transforming you, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me.  When you use the CODE: MAY DAY, I will give you a 20% discount. This offer expires on the Full Moon in Scorpio, May 1oth.

Many blessings to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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Cardinal Grand Cross: Expanding our State of EMPOWERMENT

(Originally published April 2, 2017 @

Right now, in the sky and in your inner world, we are experiencing what is known as a Grand Cross. For those who are not familiar with a Grand Cross, there are three different kinds.  The astrological signs are known as being fixed signs, mutable signs and cardinal signs.  So, depending on which astrological signs the Grand Cross occurs in, the fixed, mutable or cardinal energies influence the opportunity for expansion that the Grand Cross is making available for us.  Our current Grand Cross is happening in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  These are the signs of ACTION, and that is what is meant by “cardinal” signs.  When we have a Grand Cross, we are being activated by two sets of polarities that are intersecting each other through the center of their axes which looks like an actual cross in the sky.

In this Grand Cross, the axes that are being powerfully activated are the:

  • Aries/Libra Axis ~ Relationship Path of Conscious Equal Partnership
    • Aries ~ The Fierce Safeguarder (feminine) and The Fierce Protector (masculine)
    • Libra ~ The Peacekeeper (feminine) and The Beloved (masculine)
    • Cancer/Capricorn Axis ~ Relationship Path of Home, Family and Community
    • Cancer ~ The Great Mother (feminine) and The Good Father (masculine)
    • Capricorn ~ The Tribal Elders: Wise Woman (Grandmother – feminine) and Wise Man (Grandfather – masculine)

The energies in the Grand Cross are creating a significant amount of tension.  We have the tension from the opposition of the polarities, tension between the two energies on each side of the axis.

  • Aries opposite Libra
  • Cancer opposite Capricorn

And, we have another kind of tension being created between the energies that are at 90° angles to each other:

  • Uranus/Eris square Pluto
  • Uranus/Eris square Vesta
  • Jupiter square Pluto
  • Jupiter square Vesta

So, there are TWO kinds of tension, two kinds of force, being put on these energies. This is NOT a bad thing!  Think about when you are giving birth, the baby is coming through the birth canal. The tension and force that is used to push the baby through the birth canal is the same kind of force, the force of “active labor,” in a cardinal Grand Cross. Then, on the other side, you have a beautiful GIFT ~ your baby. Another example of this kind of energy is the force that Earth uses to create a diamond. First, pressure turns decaying carbon-based life forms like plants into coal.  Then, that same kind of pressure turns the coal into a diamond. In this instance, the diamond is the beautiful GIFT.

All of these energies of force and pressure in this Grand Cross are opening a Gateway for something new to come through you and to manifest in your life.  With a cardinal Grand Cross, whatever is getting ready to come through you has to do with building your character.

Before I continue discussing the significance of this Grand Cross, I am taking a moment here to bring your attention to the TWO (2) Goddesses who are Present:  ERIS and VESTA.

Since the time of Patriarchy, Eris has been known as The Goddess of Discord. In actuality, She is The Goddess of Fierce Truth.  Her presence allows you to speak your deep soul level truth about the subject matter of the House you will find Her in on your natal chart.  For me, She is conjunct my MidHeaven in the sign of Aries.  Thus, all the Sacred Work that I am known for in our world is birthed from my deepest Soul level of Truth.

Since the time of Patriarchy, Vesta has been known as The Goddess of Hearth and Home.  In the past, when communities cooked and communed around the fire, Vesta was present.  As our communities began to evolve and build homes with fireplaces, people began cooking in doors and the family gathered around the hearth. Here, Vesta was present as well, and statues of Vesta could be found on the mantle of the fireplace.  In more modern times, with electrical and microwave ovens available to us for cooking, you will find statues of Vesta in a kitchen.  In truth, Vesta is The Goddess of Creative Life Force ~ that creative energy which is also known as Shakti and Kundalini. The House of your natal chart in which She resides is continuously being infused by Her Shakti. Because of this, Vesta represents your deepest passion (2nd chakra) and also that to which you are most devoted.  We tend to be devoted to those things about which we are most passionate!  For me, Vesta is in my 3rd house in the sign of Virgo ~ the sign of the Goddess.  Virgo is also known as the sign of the Virgin, and this ascription derives from the Vestal Virgins in the ancient Goddess Temples. Thus, I am passionate about the Goddess.  I am devoted to the Goddess, and I am devoted to the reemergence of the Sacred Feminine on our Earth.  I am passionate about and devoted to being in Service to the Goddess, so that She can bring Her work to my community through me.

Now, let’s look at what is going on with the energies in our current Grand Cross:

Uranus and Eris have been dancing closely with each other since June 2015. Over the past two years, they have danced closer and closer to each other until they both reached 23° Aries on March 28, 2017, they day after the New Moon in Aries at 7°.  Eris will stay at 23° Aries until November 22nd this year, when She will dip back to reactivate 22° through March 2, 2018. She will return to 23° Aries on March 3, 2018. While Eris will activate 24° in June 2018 and 25° in July 2022, She will dance back and forth over the 23° point in the sky until February 10, 2023. She continues to stay in Aries for at least another 20+ years.  Uranus (The Cosmic Liberator for Quantum Consciousness) will move out of Aries and into Taurus on May 16, 2018.  Between now and the time Uranus moves into Taurus, he will continue dancing with Eris.  Still, Uranus and Eris are sharing a close embrace (exact degree) since our recent New Moon in Aries until this Thursday, April 6, 2017.

The Uranus/Eris energies have been in opposition to Jupiter since 3 days after last year’s Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2016.  The opposition became exact on the day after Christmas, December 26, 2017 and again on March 3, 2017. Their next exact opposition will be on September 28, 2017. Jupiter will move out of the sign of Libra and into the sign of Taurus, where he will stay for the remainder of they year, on October 11, 2017.  With each exact opposition, we receive Jupiter’s gift more deeply into the core of ourselves and more expansively into our multidimensional Self.

Jupiter is the Cosmic Guru, so anything he touches will expand.  As long as Jupiter stays in a Conscious space, anything that he expands will be a blessing and will be for your benefit.  Jupiter’s intention is to be a Gift-Giver, so he is desiring to expand your blessings and expand your gifts. Thus, through the Cosmic Dance of Uranus (Cosmic Liberator) and Eris (Fierce Truthteller), we are experiencing within the depths of ourselves, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32 ISV) Jupiter, who is witnessing their dance from across the sky, is blessing us with the expansion of our inner freedom ~ moving us into Sovereignty ~ through the gift of realizing our deepest Soul Truth. On the relationship Path of Conscious Equal Partnership, Eris dances as the Aries Archetype of The Fierce Safeguarder while Uranus dances as the Aries Archetype of The Fierce Protector and Jupiter steps into the Libra Archetype of The Beloved.  The most exciting part of this is that while you are stepping into the Greatness of your Sovereignty as an individual, simultaneously the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is also stepping into the Consciousness of SOVEREIGNTY!

Meanwhile, Pluto and Vesta have been dancing their own unique choreography since the beginning of February and will continue to do so until April 10, 2017.  Vesta moves from Cancer into Leo on May 3, 2017.  Pluto begins to retrograde through Capricorn on April 26th until October 2nd. He will have moved almost imperceptibly from 19°CP23′ to 16°CP51′, barely over 2 1/2°s.  He will not return to 19°CP23′ until January 23, 2018.

The Pluto (Cosmic Transformer) energy is regenerating (making new) your energy of Passion and Devotion and re-birthing Vesta’s Creative Life Force within you, onto the planet and into the Collective Consciousness.  We are receiving the long-awaited medicine for the Wound of the Patriarchy! On the Relationship Path of Home, Family and Community, Pluto dances as the Capricorn Archetype of the Tribal Elder ~ The Grandfather who remembers the ancient Sacred Masculine before the culture of domination, which we know as Patriarchy, usurped the Power of the Sacred Masculine and perverted it out of its greed and selfishness. Vesta dances as the Cancer Archetype of the Great Mother. The Great Mother is all-forgiving and has no desire to punish the abuses of Patriarchy that have transpired over the past 50,000 years, since the fall of Atlantis.  She desires to HEAL the Wound of the Patriarchy through Unconditional LOVE.  The Wound of the Patriarchy is festering in the Unconsciousness (Shadow) of every man, woman and child on the planet.  Its resonance remains embedded within the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.  We come to know the presence of this wound through our Inner Child. As important as it is for the Inner Child to be LOVED, it is more important for the Inner Child to know that it has been forgiven for just being itself.  It is through the Sacred Masculine energy that the Great Mother can offer healing to Her children.  I offer this Sacred Work through the mirror of the father/daughter relationship.  You can read about the profound experiences some of my clients are having on my TESTIMONIALS page. (PERSONAL NOTE: As an aside, my personal relationship path is the Path of Home, Family and Community. My Sun is in Capricorn, thus I am an Elder, and my Moon and North Node are in Cancer, my ancient lineage is from The Great Mother.  This Sacred Work of healing the Wound of the Patriarchy through the mirror of the father/daughter relationship aligns with both my relationship path AND my passion and devotion from Vesta in Virgo/3rd house.)

SO … what is the BIG PICTURE of our current Grand Cross? Simply stated, by healing the Wound of the Patriarchy we can reclaim our deepest Soul Truth and step into the Greatness of our SOVEREIGNTY!  We are being given every frequency we require to achieve this expanded state of EMPOWERMENT.

By the way, this directive cannot and will not fail!  I remind you that Saturn is conjoined with our Galactic Center in Sagittarius (the sign of Truth and Integrity). Saturn is building the foundation upon which the Wound of the Patriarchy will be healed gracefully through love, compassion and forgiveness, so that the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine can be fully actualized.  With the restoration of  the Sacred Masculine energy and the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine energy, the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine within all of Humanity will once more be balanced. Just to ensure the success of this Cosmic Decree, the Sophia-Christ Consciousness is being poured into us individually and globally through the Heart of our Galaxy.

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Many blessings to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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