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This is a deeply transcendant breath modality, unlike rebirthing or holotropic breathwork, that has been brought onto the planet by my teacher, Julia Mikk, founder of Breath of Love™. Breath of Love™ is a shamanic journeying practice.  Like all practices, it takes regular attention, stretching beyond your comfort zone, and staying strong in your dedication.  In order for your Breath of Love™ practice to reach its full potential, you must approach it with true devotion.  The beauty of Breath of Love™ is that it is synergistic, naturally supporting and enhancing your current yoga and/or meditation practice.

I have experienced this practice in three stages.  In the first stage, I experienced Breath of Love™ here in the Third Dimension as a tool outside of me that I was utilizing.  In the next stage of my practice, I experienced Breath of Love™ in the Fourth Dimension where Breath of Love™ merged with my Self. Thus, Breath of Love™ was no longer a tool.  I experienced it more as an instrument, or as an organic system within me.  Finally, I now experience Breath of Love™ in the Fifth Dimension where I AM Breath of Love™, and I am able to call upon It at will.

A skilled certified Breath of Love™ practitioner knows how to navigate their own and their client’s inner spirit realms and is necessary in the beginning stages of this work. The intention, however, is to help every client to learn to be in the Breath of Love™ process on their own. It usually takes at least ten sessions to learn the basic skills for providing a deep Divine Union and powerful emotional, physical and spiritual healing for oneself.  Learning to take yourself through the Breath of Love™ process on your own is where you cultivate the courage and trust in your letting go to fully and completely allow your Spirit’s power and wisdom to move more fully through your body and your life with the help of your breath.  Where ever your journey takes you, I am fully committed to being in support of my clients’ expansion.

As a Certified Breath of Love™ Practitioner, I am available for:

  • private sessions
  • full-day intensives
  • weekend retreats and
  • vision quests

My work as a Breath of Love™ Practitioner is focused on using Breath of Love™ to sanctify the physical body as a Temple for the Divine wherein the Sacred Union of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine are experienced.  With each in-breath deep into the abdomen (womb) and tailbone (Root Chakra), the Sacred Feminine receives the Light of the Sacred Masculine.  Their Sacred Union is acknowledged through the Sacred Feminine’s “Ahh of Ecstasy” with the effortless exhale.  Within your Temple, you receive the physical experience of Siva and Shakti’s ecstasy as They use the Breath of Love™ to dance with Each Other.

  • Are you ready to experience the alchemy of Sacred Union?
  • Are you ready to live life as Embodied Oneness?
  • Are you ready to ease into Peace and Freedom?
  • Are you DEVOTED to Infinite Love?
  • Are you truly COMMITTED to Self Love and Heart expansion???

Now that you are aware of the “YES!” that is coming from your Heart, which is guiding you towards this process, I invite you to allow yourself to open up to a deeper level of trust than you have ever known before and make a commitment to receive and feel the expansion of your Self.

Breath of Love™ shamanic journeys require 2 hours, and can be done in person or via Zoom.


Discounts are available when a package of FIVE(5) or TEN(10) sessions are scheduled.
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Breath of Love™ Packages

Contact me with any questions about your Breath of Love™ journey.

He who breathes deepest, lives most.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Claire B, Southampton, England


I highly recommend Sofia Mona Lisa‘s coaching and Breath of Love  work to everyone who is called to go deep within and let go of whatever stands in the way of their freedom, joy and inner peace. Sofia Mona Lisa’s skills and experience working with people are powerfully complemented by her own amazing life’s journey where, throughout all the challenges, she has been able to implement and practice everything she has been teaching.  It is quite a success when we can implement the depth of our teaching into our every day life, no matter what challenges arise. It has made Sofia Mona Lisa not only stronger, clearer, wiser and more radiant, but it has created in her an amazing ability to hold a safe, compassionate, and a powerful healing container for her clients. A true blessing. ~ Julia Mikk, Founder, Breath of Love™

I was going through intense emotional feelings of abandonment and rejection, and I was directing some of those emotions in unhealthy ways. Sofia Mona Lisa encouraged me to stay in the Breath of Love space. I was able to do so, as she brings a presence and holds a space of unconditional love, patience, and genuine support. By truly feeling genuinely supported, encouraged, and SAFE, it allowed me to go to places and release these emotions from my body and mind. I highly recommend working with Sofia Mona Lisa and I would love to attend one of her retreats! Thank you Sofia Mona Lisa for your help in my breakthrough! ~ Wanda B, CA

When I “signed up” to do the Breath of Love™ workshop, I had a picture in my head of what I thought it would look like, what to expect. I’ve done Prana practice and it is breathing so … surely “Breath” of Love would be something like that. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Breath of Love™ took my “Prana mentality” and turned it upside down.  It healed me.  I had been doing what I could to nurse a sciatica inflammation for some time with no relief.  I rested it and gently stretched it.  After doing just a half-day Breath of Love™ workshop, when it came time to work our way up to a seated position, the pain was gone; not eased up or manageable, it was gone, gone, gone.  That was only a few days ago, and I find myself doing the breath whenever I think of it, if even for just a few minutes. I find Breath of Love™ to be healing, calming and connected.  It’s such a perfect peace.  I just want to stay there all day and be still.  I find my days are more peaceful now, and that the sciatica pain is staying away. ~ Debra Pringle, Owner, Om Away From Home Yoga studio, Ormond Beach, FL

Breath of Love is a way to directly bring Divine energy into the physical body. I have been meditating and doing Yoga for 40 years, and I have never experienced anything remotely similar to Breath of Love.  It is highly recommended for anyone on The Path who desires and intends to connect to Source. It will transform your life and make sure you find and follow your Soul Purpose for this lifetime. ~ Leo V, FL

I am in deepest gratitude to the Universe that brought Sofia Mona Lisa into my life. With patience and kindness, she invited me on this journey of LOVE. I can only say that I had a life changing experience: that I really touched a glimpse of the Universe, of peace, of myself, of who we all are. We are infinite beings !!! and how beautiful it is to really feel that! I will never forget. All I know is that I would like to continue doing this work and share the message and the work with everybody. Hope that the Universe will show me the next logical step and will provide the financial opportunity and abundance to be able to go even deeper! All in good time! Where there is a will, there is a way! Love you Sofia Mona Lisa, we are in this together, forever in my heart! All my blessings! ~ Lianna G, FL

I believe that Breath of Love has brought me a new understanding of the depth of my spiritual nature by opening new paths towards reconnecting with my Higher Self. After going through the ten sessions of Breath of Love, I am surprised by how much resistance my mind can oppose to the healing quality of the deep breath, and happy that there is a way to loosen it up by someone like Sofia Mona Lisa in order for me to receive the Light and with it the great benefits of spiritual expansion, which I have experienced in my life lately. Therefore, I am totally grateful for such a unique experience. Thank you! ~ Dana T, FL

At a Breath of Love™ workshop in February 2011, which I was attending towards my certification, our teacher, Julia Mikk, asked us to write a Breath of Love™ testimonial that we could share with each other. Here is the testimonial I wrote. As I read its words again, the Truth they impart continues to ring true. That is the test of Truth. Everything is change. The only thing that does not change is Truth.

Before Breath of Love™, I often felt misunderstood, and I took things very personally, which was quite wounding to myself. I was also unaware of the extent to which I was very critical of myself in my mind. All of this contributed, in large part, to the debilitating physical pain (Fibromyalgia) in my body that I have suffered from since the age of 14.

Since Breath of Love™, I am tremendously less internally reactive to my external world. When I hear or see something that causes a charge within me, I allow myself to embrace it, so that I can learn what it has to teach me. I am now able to have clarity and let go very quickly.

Breath of Love™ and this new way of being with myself have been very healing for me. I have been able to reach such depths of healing in 9 months that I had not been able to achieve in at least 20 years. I have come to know myself, love myself and appreciate myself in an intimate way. No other spiritual practice that I have lived has brought me back home to myself in this way. As a result of all of this, my body is in significantly less pain than it has ever been. I trust and know that, soon, my body will be fully at ease once more.

Breath of Love™ is the process of making Peace with yourself inside of yourself. It is beautiful and awe-inspiring to observe your internal peace manifest itself in your external world. ~ Sofia Mona Lisa, FL



Please note that participating in a Breath of Love™ journey is no replacement for medical consultation. Medical advice, prescribed therapies and treatments should be followed and continued for the duration your medical practitioner recommends before and after participation in a Breath of Love™ journey.

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