Relationships for the SOL™

Relationships for the SOL
Stepping Into the Greatness of Your Sovereignty to
Create Conscious Equal Partnerships


Farah: How can it be now with me and yourself?

Karen Blixen: Do you remember how it was on safari? In the afternoons I would send you
ahead to look for a camp and you would wait for me.

F: You can see the fire and come to this place?

K: Yes. Well, it will be like that. Only this time I will go ahead and wait for you.

F: It is far, where you are going?

K: Yes.

F: You must make this fire very big, so I can find you.

Farah and Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

There is a saying attributed to Gautama Buddah that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I do not consider you a student, nor me a teacher.  I know that All Wisdom and Infinite Intelligence flows through you, just as it does me.  I know that we are connected as One within the Unified Source Field. I am merely a Wayshower.  You have been eagerly anticipating me.  I have NOW shown up! The Expanded Version of YOU is calling to you. I have made the fire very big, so that you can find your SELF. I have “appeared” for you because our frequencies are aligned.  Through our resonance, you can understand my language and decode this Creation Process, which will be crucial for you to “see the fire and come to this place.”

Are you ready to embark on the quest for your Fire?
If  your Heart leapt in response, this is for YOU!

This year of 2017 is a POWERFUL year of Celestial Support for the Expansion of Consciousness and the clearing and re-balancing of the Collective Consciousness.


And, a key component of my work is to support you in doing your work!

Many blessings to you, Beloveds!
Sofia Mona Lisa

Relationships for the SOL™ is a SELF-PACED ten (10) module journey of BECOMING.  The journey requires a deep commitment to your Inner Being for the radical breakthroughs you will experience when you step into the momentum of FOCUSING on your Evolving SELF and allow It to co-create your Life from a space of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship.  The pathway for your personal journey of transformation is guided by the following milestones:


  1. Retrieving the Gift of your Father/Son(Daughter) Relationship.
  2. Retrieving the Gift of your Mother/Daughter(Son) Relationship.
  3. Getting to your Root Source of Powerlessness.
  4. Identifying your Soul’s Expression of Freedom and Integrity.
  5. Revealing your Inner Being’s mode of connection to the world.

  1. Consciously connecting to the Sophia Christ Consciousness.
  2. Embodying the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.
  3. Activating your Inner High Priest and High Priestess.
  4. Aligning with the Goddess Aquarian Archetypes.

  1. Installing your Noble Champion at the Gateway of your HEART.

Using your natal astrological chart and the elements of Shamanic Astrology, we will focus on each module in the series for a one month period to discover which aspects of your Multidimensional Self are co-creating your clearing and expansion. Due to the intensity of this Creation Process, you may require a full month of integration before continuing on to the next milestone. It is important for you to follow your Guidance in setting the pace that best suits you. Each module builds upon the energies of the preceding modules. As an Alchemical Creative High Priestess™ of  the Magdalene Mysteries school founded by Nicole Christine, I am committed to supporting, guiding and facilitating you for the next two years, so that you can fully assimilate all of the energies.

For every module, we will meet either online via ZOOM or in person according to this schedule:
  • Two hours around the New Moon
  • One hour of Coaching in the week following the New Moon
  • Two hours around the Full Moon
  • One hour of Coaching in the week following the Full Moon

During any necessary Integration Periods between modules, I will provide 2 one hour Coaching calls. All ZOOM sessions will be recorded for you to keep.  You are required to track your Creation Process in a digital journal which you will submit to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Because every person’s Soul is a unique mandala of cosmic energies, no two experiences are alike.


The more you open your Heart, the more intimate your experience.

The more you trust your Inner Being, the more profound your experience.  



You are truly birthing a higher frequency of Presence onto the Earth and into your body ~ your Sacred Vessel.  Your new Presence will be a Master of  Relationship Equality.  You will experience a renewed sense of honor, respect and value for yourself and in your relationships.

Upon completion of your journey from yourself to your Self, you will take your place among the Heroes & Heroines of today’s age ~ the Aquarian Age.  I bow to each of you for your selfless act of Sacred Service. The Aquarian Heroes & Heroines are the Cosmic Revolutionaries embodying the contemporary Archetypes of the GODDESS to restore a Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship.

The Embodiments of LOVE I am working with are having profound experiences and deeply transformational results from this Creation Process. You can read about some of them on my TESTIMONIALS page.

TOTAL VALUE ~ $20,000
Investment Option #1:
Investment in Full: $13,500
Investment Option #2:
12 Month Investment Plan ~ 12 x $1,250
TOTAL: $15,000


(NOTE: PayPal payments incur an additional 3.5% processing fee.)

Relationships for the SOL™

If you are unable to make a full commitment at this time or would like to “sample” this program to see if it is right for you, I invite you to consider my Gifts of the Father~Mother Relationships Program.  Click here for more information on this opportunity.

I invite you to call me at 407-451-6902 or email me with any questions you have or any clarification you require about this program.

Thank you!
Many blessings,
Sofia Mona Lisa



Please note that participating in Relationships for the SOL™ is no replacement for medical consultation. Medical advice, prescribed therapies and treatments should be followed and continued for the duration your medical practitioner recommends before and after participation in Relationships for the SOL™.

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