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The classical Greek philosopher, Socrates (470 – 399 BCE), and his student Plato (428 – 348 BCE) have been credited with the statement, “Man, Know Thyself.”   Pythagoras (560 – 475 BCE) said, “Man know thyself, then thou shalt know the Universe and God.”  His quote actually predates him, and was inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi (525 BCE) ~ “Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods.”  In truth, variations of this wisdom are found in other ancient cultures as well, including Egypt and China.  Oscar Wilde, the 19th century playwright and novelist, had his own unique twist to this ancient wisdom:

“Know thyself” was written over the portal of the antique world. Over the portal of the new world, “Be thyself” shall be written.

How can we “KNOW” ourselves and “BE” ourselves?

Shamanic Astrology provides us with the means.  Everybody’s natal astrological chart is a map of the sky at the precise moment they were born. The natal chart shows us where the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies were located in relation to where on Earth the person was born.  More than this, the natal chart provides us with a picture of a person’s Soul ~ their multidimensional Self ~ AND it also provides a road map for the journey the Soul intends to travel during its incarnation.

To KNOW and BE ourselves, we must understand who we are at the Soul level and how our Soul desires to expand.  In Shamanic Astrology, there are many elements in our natal charts that provide us with a wealth of information.  Some of these elements include:

  • your Soul theme
  • your Soul’s final destination or purpose
  • how your Soul intends for you to carry out your purpose
  • the relationship path your Soul intends for you to master on your way to its destination
  • your Soul’s ancient lineage
  • the masculine and feminine principles your Soul intends for you to embody, balance and bring into Sacred Union
  • your Shamanic Medicine (Sacred Gift)

By diving into our astrological charts, we discover the Treasure that is our unique Self as created by the Divine.  We come to KNOW our Authentic Selves.  Seeing ourselves through the eyes of Divinity, we realize our true value, which restores to us our sense of Self-WORTH and Self-CONFIDENCE.  By choosing to align our thoughts, deeds and actions with our Soul, we are BEING ourselves.  When we show up in our lives as authentic Beings, we create and share fulfilling relationships.  This is the essence of the As Above, So Below ~ As Within, So Without Mysteries that the Ancients practiced.

This year of 2017 is a POWERFUL year of Celestial Support for the Expansion of Consciousness and the clearing and re-balancing of the Collective Consciousness.


And, a key component of my work is to support you in doing your work!

Many blessings to you, Beloveds!

Sofia Mona Lisa


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Hari Avtar Kaur, Virgin Islands

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We both appreciate the generous amount of time you shared with us and your highly qualified skills.  You exhibit Light and Passion with your work.  We look forward to future conversations and shared time. ~ Garry & Michele, Dunnellon, FL

You said something to me during my astrology reading that has completely changed my life… The world needs your work, and I will support it in any way I can. ~ Kristi V, Apopka, FL

Thank you so much for this insightful and deeply personal sharing of this planetary shift. I am still learning astrology and this helps me and it would be great to learn astrology from you one day! Hey maybe that could be your next series of classes! Just a seed. Blessings and Love to you Beautiful One. ~ Amy B, Cocoa Beach, FL

Yes, I would love … an astrology class please. ~ Erin O, Los Angeles, CA



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