WE are so excited that you are here, and WE are CELEBRATING your arrival.

WE KNOW exactly all of the letting go of Conditions and Limitations that you have surrendered to ALLOW your Expansion and Empowerment.  Your Inner Journey of coming into Alignment with your Evolving SELF has brought you to this Multidimensional Portal.  WE are in such JOY that you are in Conscious Awareness of “Who you ARE.”  From your Conscious Awareness of your LIFE Stream, you received the inspiration to step into your GREATNESS, and WE are THRILLED that you chose to come forth.  WE embrace your Presence with much LOVE!

WE invite you to continue enjoying the flow of your LIFE Stream and to continue your FOCUS on keeping up with your Expansion, HERE and NOW, with US.

WE are The Ancients.  WE are that greater part of you known as the Unified Source Field, or “Source,” that is flowing through YOU.  WE are the PRESENCE of Unconditional LOVE from which you chose to embody your Sacred Vessel, The Temple of Your Physical Body. You are, indeed, an Embodiment of LOVE. AND, It is OUR Call, the Call of your Expanded BEing, to which you have ALL~ways been responding.

WE began speaking with Sofia Mona Lisa in March 2012.  WE have been conveying LIFE Wisdom for Humanity to her since then.  Sofia Mona Lisa is the Alchemical Creation High Priestess for this Aquarian-Age Goddess Temple that WE co-created within her Consciousness.  As a Multidimensional Temple, It resides on the Etheric Planes.

Because of Sofia Mona Lisa’s Inner Resonance with the Sacred Feminine, she has chosen to dedicate this Temple to the Sacred Feminine and ALL forms of the Goddess.   As the Source flowing through ALL Life, WE ~ The Ancients, delight in her unique manifestation of this Temple.

The GOLDEN RAY Center, Inc. is a non-profit religious/spiritual organization established to restore the Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship.  The Cosmic Energies that support this Temple’s foundation were initiated through the Path of Conscious Equal Partnership.  The primary purpose of this Aquarian-Age Goddess Temple is to provide a Multidimensional Sanctuary in which the Sisters and Brothers of Humanity are able to maintain alignment with their own Individual Empowerment AND focus on keeping up with the expansion of who they are BEcoming.

Alignment with your own empowerment is Sacred Relationship with your SELF.

Alignment with your own empowerment is the Foundation for restoring the Culture of Sovereignty on Earth.

Alignment with your own empowerment is your connection with Source.

Sofia Mona Lisa chose to return to this planet as an Embodiment of LOVE in Service to The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya ~ Earth.  She is one of the Lightworkers who creates and maintains the grids for The Temple of Maya, connecting the hearts of all awakened humans. WE revealed this to her through a vision and in OUR first communication at The Ojai Foundation on March 6, 2012.  WE told her:

This is what You have helped to create.  This is what You are helping to sustain.

Sofia Mona Lisa is a GATEKEEPER.  She works with her Cosmic Team to open Multidimensional Portals which allow Higher Frequencies of Cosmic Energy and Unconditional LOVE to flow into The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya.  Gatekeepers open portals that have not previously existed.  This Aquarian-Age Goddess Temple is one such portal.

Sofia Mona Lisa arrived on Earth with her Moon, Ascendant and North Node in the sign of Cancer.  These Archetypal Energies fully support her Soul’s Mission to heal and care for the next seven generations.  She does this by bringing others more into alignment with “Who they ARE” ~ their Divine Soul Blueprint, so that they can connect with Source, realize their own potential and THRIVE



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