About Us

sofia mona lisa ~ founder & president

 My name is Sofia Mona Lisa.  I am the Alchemical Creation High Priestess for The GOLDEN RAY Center, Inc.

The GOLDEN RAY Center, Inc. is a non-profit religious/spiritual organization established to restore the Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship. The Cosmic Energies that support this Temple’s foundation were initiated through the Path of Conscious Equal Partnership. The primary purpose of this Aquarian-Age Goddess Temple is to provide a Multidimensional Sanctuary in which the Sisters and Brothers of Humanity are able to align with their Inner BEing, consciously embody their SOL Expansion and fully manifest their SOL Greatness on Mother Gaia.

I chose to return to this planet as an Embodiment of LOVE in Service to The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya ~ Mother Gaia. I AM one of the Lightworkers who creates and maintains the grids for The Temple of Maya, connecting the Hearts of all awakened humans.

I AM a GATEKEEPER. I work with my Cosmic Team to open Multidimensional Portals which allow Higher Frequencies of Cosmic Energy and Unconditional LOVE to flow into The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya. Gatekeepers open portals that have not previously existed. This Aquarian-Age Goddess Temple is one such portal.

I arrived on Mother Gaia with my Moon, Ascendant and North Node in the sign of Cancer. These Archetypal Energies fully support my Soul’s Mission to nurture, care for and provide a safe space for the next seven generations. I do this by coaching others on their Soul’s evolutionary journey through my SOL Expansion Programs™, utilizing my Shamanic Medicine, by bringing them into alignment with “Who they ARE” ~ their Authentic Self, so that they can connect with Source, realize their innate potential and THRIVE on Mother Gaia.

I AM an Alchemical Creation High Priestess™ and a Shamanic Priestess™ of the Magdalene Mysteries School founded by Nicole Christine, a Certified Breath of Love™ Practitioner and a Certified Jharra™ Practitioner. I have been an Ordained Minister through   the Universal Life Church since 2003.

margaret devivo ~ director

At the personal request of Haidakhan Babaji, Marge established the Universal Peace Center (a not-for-profit corporation) as the foundation for the Shri Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji Online Ashram. Shri Bababji’s intention for His virtual ashram is to create a spiritual community in support of His teachings ~ Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service ~ and to provide guidelines for putting these principles into action based on the way that was taught by Him.  Marge has dedicated her life in service to Shri Babaji through His virtual ashram, and teaches many healing and ritual courses to support others in their spiritual practice.

miriam lundell ~ director

Miriam is the Executive Director and a Co-Founder (along with Amy K. Filson and myself) of The Chase Academy, Inc..

The Chase Academy is a private 501(c)3 formed in 2006 by concerned parents, educational professionals and community volunteers who have all lent their expertise to develop an educational program that is designed specifically to meet the individual needs of students with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) within a welcoming, secure environment, sensitive to the aspects of ASD that cause students to be uncomfortable at a traditional school. For all of us, children are our first love, and for many of us, our own personal experience with children with ASD has inspired us to bring a better, more suitable quality of education to the community.

We believe that our success is a direct result of our willingness to adapt to the individual needs of our students and their parents. Our immediate goal is to maximize student potential by customizing our curriculum to address the concerns of parents and their advising medical professionals. We do this by highlighting the strengths of each child and allowing them to grow and socialize in a warm and welcoming environment.

The Academy includes students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  It offers academic high school diplomas that prepare our graduating students for either college and beyond or a vocationally based program of study for our students who do not wish to continue their education in college.