I am delighted to announce that The GOLDEN RAY Center, a non-profit religious/spiritual organization, is offering  annual memberships to support the Mission of the Center.  Memberships will be renewed each December and come with the following benefits:

  • The GOLDEN RAY Center newsletter (if you would like to continue receiving this newsletter, please become a member)
  • 10% Discount on Breath of Love™ and Jharra™ sessions
  • 20% Discount on all SOL Expansion Programs™
  • 40% Discount on Shamanic AstroSOL™ Readings
  • ALL Discounts are applicable to Gift Certificate purchases

Membership Options include:

  • Priestess (exclusively for the Nicole Christine lineage) ~ $45
  • Individual ~ $60
  • Family ~ $100
  • Non-profit ~ $125 (benefits available to all staff)
  • Business ~ $150 (benefits available to all employees PLUS advertising on marketing materials)

Membership Levels

(NOTE: PayPal payments incur an additional 3.5% processing fee.)

We are always delighted to receive Corporate Sponsorships.  If you know of a company that would be interested in supporting our Mission, please share this information.  If you would like to be a Sponsor for the Center, our annual Sponsorship Levels are:

  • Silver ~ $1,200.00
  • Gold ~ $2,500.00
  • Platinum ~ $6,000.00

Please call me directly (407-451-6902) to set up your Sponsorship.  THANK YOU!