The Finger of the Goddess

It’s only hours before the Summer Solstice becomes exact at 12:38 am EST tomorrow, June 21st.  AND, right now, we are being blessed by the Divine Energies of a YOD ~ “the finger of Goddess.” A YOD is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third.  In our current YOD, Venus in Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Neptune (higher octave of Venus) in Pisces are in sextile to each other and form the base of the triangle.  The apex of the triangle is Jupiter in Libra (ruled by Venus).

Yod is the tenth Hebrew letter with significant kabbalistic and mystical significance regarding the name of God, his omnipresence and our humility.  … The Yod is a challenging aspect pattern but holds great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.

This pattern creates a particular and strong energy, stronger than you would get by these aspects on their own. I like to use the analogy of a crystal here, a very definite and unique structure which holds a special type of energy which took a long time to create. …

The energy of the two planets in sextile is focused like a laser beam on the action point, in this case Jupiter. A sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy. The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. ~ Astrology King

It is clear that the Sacred Feminine (Venus) is infusing the Power of this YOD with Her Divine WILL ~ Her Sankalpa.

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will.[1]

With Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces as the base of this YOD, a very stable and secure foundation for Universal Love is being re-established on our planet.  Together, Venus and Neptune are rewiring the Codes in our DNA to bring online a reorientation towards the value for LIFE and the Oneness of LIFE.  This groundwork is being laid for the well-being of our planet and the next seven generations.

Through the Grace of our Cosmic Guru (Jupiter), the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is receiving a “quickening” ~ an electromagnetic stimulation straight from Source.  Simultaneously, the Frequency of LOVE which Our Cosmic Guru is receiving from the Source of ALL That IS (Pisces) and from Venus, Herself, is being amplified to reactivate the Wisdom of Hieros Gamos (Libra) within each of us. It is by His Grace that this Ancient Knowledge is being triggered in a manner that allows the Collective Consciousness of Humanity to merge with it in the Higher Realms through Neptune and to enable our Individual Consciousness to connect with it here in the lower realm as Venus grounds it on our planet (Taurus).

The Sacred Feminine is NOT playing around!  She will re-establish the Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship.  We are not at a carnival where you can pick and choose which rides you want to go on.  There are no tickets for this Cosmic Ride to Enlightenment.  We are all on this roller-coaster together, so make sure you are buckled in tightly!

It is important to know how this Cosmic Dance of Transcendence is being unveiled within you.  Which Houses in your Chart are holding the energies of Taurus, Libra and Pisces?  Are there any other planets or points in your chart that are being awakened by Venus, Jupiter and Neptune?

For me, personally, I have a YOD in my chart with Osiris (husband of Isis ~ together, representing Hieros Gamos) in Sagittarius and Saturn (our Cosmic Gatekeeper) in Aquarius as the base and Orcus (our Vows) conjoined Pallas Athena (Wisdom Goddess & Warrior Queen) in Cancer at the apex.  This YOD represents the Power behind the Sacred Vow that I made to the Sacred Feminine (the Great Mother ~ the ONE whose Womb creates All and stands as the Silent Witness ~ ruler of Cancer).  My Vow is to utilize my Inner Wisdom Goddess and Inner Warrior Queen to bring forth the Ancient Knowledge of Hieros Gamos.  For me, utilizing the creative aspect of the Sacred Masculine from the Invisible realms to clearing of the Wound of Patriarchy in the Visible realm is the foundation for how I can serve the Sacred Feminine in restoring Sacred Union within the Hearts of Humanity.

EVERY point of my Sacred Vow YOD is being activated RIGHT NOW by Jupiter, the apex of our “Summer Solstice” YOD (Venus, Neptune, Jupiter). Because the “theme” of both YODs is the re-establishment of the Wisdom of Hieros Gamos, I am personally being activated today in a divinely mystical way by the building blocks of Creation.  My Sacred Vow and my Sacred Service are being magnanimously inaugurated by the Sacred Feminine.

If you would like to know how the Summer Solstice YOD is unfolding within you, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me. When you use the CODE: TRUTH, I will give you a 20% discount.  This offer expires on the Full Moon in Capricorn, July 9th..

Also, remember that our New Moon in Cancer will be two days after tomorrow’s Summer Solstice on June 23rd.

I also invite you to share your feedback in the comments below.  Thank you!

Much LOVE to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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3 thoughts on “The Finger of the Goddess”

  1. Great article. I have Libra sun, Cancer moon and Capricorn AC.. Neptune in Saggi… Jupiter in Capricorn
    Feeling the pressure!

    (Osiris the husband of Isis…not the wife..?)

    1. Thank you for sharing with me, Michelle! I really appreciate it. And, yes, Osiris is the husband of Isis. GREAT CATCH! LOL We both walk the same relationship path ~ The Path of Family, Home and Community. We also both come from the Ancient Lineage of the Great Mother (Moon in Cancer). As I am bringing forth Her Aquarian Archetype in relation to the Self, you are bringing forth Her Aquarian Archetype in relation to Partnerships. Perhaps we will collaborate one day! Many blessings to you, Love.

      Sofia Mona Lisa

      1. Lovely unexpected reply! Interesting for me to learn about the pathways and archetypes.. I’m all about collaboration for the greater good.. so I’d welcome that. Blessings to you too 🙂 x

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