Celebrating the Light of Consciousness

Today, on Father’s Day, the Sun stands directly across the Sky from the Galactic Center, the Womb which birthed It and everything, seen and unseen, in our Galaxy.  These two potent places in our Sky are receiving Ancient Medicine from our Cosmic Shamanic Healer (Chiron) who is sitting at the apex of Their polarity.  This Ancient Medicine is the Frequency of LOVE, and It is pouring forth from the SOURCE of ALL That Is ~ the Unmanifest ~ the Undifferentiated ~ the ONE: the Great Mother ~ who stands in Wholeness behind the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine who, in turn, begat the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Everything is created and sustained through the Frequency of LOVE which IS the Essence of the Great Mother.

Just as the Galactic Center is known as the Heart of our Galaxy, the Sun is known as our Heart ~ our spiritual Heart or Heart Chakra.  It is through the Heart that the Frequency of LOVE flows.  LOVE is flowing through the Galactic Heart into the Sun, and LOVE is flowing from the Sun into our own Sacred Hearts.  As LOVE flows into our Sacred Hearts, It’s Medicine is healing our Inner Realm where every piece of our Self, known (conscious) and unknown (unconscious), lives.  All of these pieces are aspects of our Inner Feminine who mirrors the Sacred Feminine and our Inner Masculine who mirrors the Sacred Masculine.  Where there remain pieces unknown (unconcious), there exists an imbalance between our Inner Feminine and our Inner Masculine. The HEALING process from the Frequency of LOVE is a Gift from the Great Mother to assist us in the re-balancing of our Inner Feminine and our Inner Masculine.  It is GRACE descending upon us from Heaven.

When we do not understand the value of a gift, we lose interest in it and cast it aside.  Mercury in Cancer today, conjoined with my natal Moon (Divine Mother) in Cancer (the Great Mother), is using my instrument to share the message of the value of this Gift that is hidden from many.

Our Souls’ journeys have ONE purpose: to reunite with Source, to become ONE with the ONE, to return to the Great Mother. This is what is known as Moksha ~ Liberation.  There are many paths for these journeys to take, and in the end, all journeys must go through the same portal to return Home.  This portal is Hieros Gamos ~ the Sacred Marriage or Sacred Union.  When the Great Mother separated Herself from Herself, She created the Sacred Feminine (Shakti) and the Sacred Masculine (Shiva). The ONLY path back to the ONE is that which Jesus called The Way.  The Way IS Hieros Gamos ~ the Sacred Union of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

The Way is in an Inner Journey.  This Inner Journey is the quest to bring all the pieces of our Selves that are unknown (unconscious) into the Light of the Known (Consciousness).  When all pieces are restored to the Light, the Inner Feminine and the Inner Masculine are once more in Balance. Once the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine are balanced, Hieros Gamos can occur.  The Sacred Union happens within the Spiritual Heart.  This is why the Sacred Heart is known as the Chalice, or the Holy Grail: the bowl of the Chalice represents the Womb of the Sacred Feminine and the stem of the Chalice represents the Sword (phallus) of the Sacred Masculine. When They are in Sacred Union, They create the Holy Grail.  Once the Chalice is installed in the Sacred Heart, our Souls can “ascend fully enlightened” and return to the ONE.

This is the VALUE of the GIFT we are receiving today from the Great Mother as the Sun (Divine Father) stands across the Sky from the Galactic Center.  Through Her Grace, we are being uplifted and healed by the Frequency of LOVE that every person on our planet is receiving, ultimately, from our Sun.  This regeneration of our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine is a masculine principle.  Together, the Mother and the Father create LIFE.

The Frequency of LOVE that is pouring forth to us is also preparing us for the Summer SOLstice ~ the day of honoring the SOLar (Sun) God’s (Fathers). The Summer Solstice takes place when the Sun reaches 0° Cancer (the Great Mother) AND the Sun stands still here for three days.

The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within each and every person, and to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to awaken.

The progress of the Sun throughout the year symbolizes the process of attaining enlightenment, and the Summer Solstice is the final climax of this journey as the day of most light in the year. It symbolizes the ascension found in many great spiritual teachings. ~ Belsebuub, The Path of the Spiritual Sun

Stonehenge, one of the most famous sacred sites in the world, aligns to the summer solstice (photo CC BY 2.0 by simonwakefield).

As the Sun stands at the threshold of the Great Mother, our Cosmic Messenger (Mercury) will be standing there beside Him to share “the good news.”  The good news is that the Kingdom of God/dess is within us. Everyone of us has the Grace and the power to return Home when we follow The Way.

The Relationship Path that is activated by the Summer Solstice is The Path of Home, Family and Community.  During the Solstice, Mars (Inner Masculine) will also be in Cancer, signifying the importance of how the Sacred Masculine has been “put on the cross and sacrificed” by the Patriarchy.  Mars in Cancer desires to provide a healthy foundation for others to grow.  He is committed to protecting and nurturing the welfare of others: our planet, our children and our families.  As the Light of the Sacred Masculine rises within you, ask yourself, “How can I create a safe space for the next seven generations?”  “What will that look like in my home, for my family and within the community?”

The first step is to clear the remnants of the Wound of the Patriarchy from your Inner Realm.  The false beliefs from the Wound of the Patriarchy can be discovered through our Shadow Aspects (the unknown pieces of our Selves) that are mirrored in our father/daughter relationships. They sabotage every other relationship we have, particularly with men and strong women.

Excavating these false beliefs and clearing the remnant frequencies of the Wound of the Patriarchy is a vital step towards self-empowerment, realigning the balance between our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine, and ultimately, restoring Sacred Relationship which leads us to Hieros Gamos.

Sacred Relationship was modeled on our planet through Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus), whom I know as Isa. If you are noticing the Presence of the Magdalene in your life, you are ready for this work. All you need to do is open your Heart to it and whisper “yes.”

I am offering a SUPER SPECIAL Father’s Day rate to experience the multidimensional power of this work that has been birthed through me by the Sacred Feminine. THAT is how important this work is. We are on the leading-edge of a Revolution – the LOVE Revolution.

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Much LOVE to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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