Claiming your BOON from Jupiter

This past year (9/9/2016 ~ 10/10/2017), Jupiter ~ our Cosmic Guru ~ beamed His radiant Illumination on our evolving Sacred Relationship, the sign of Libra.  In accordance with the As Above, so Below ~ As Within, So Without Mysteries, Jupiter’s guiding Voice is that of our Inner Guru ~ our Inner Being.  Libra as an Air Sign is the space in which we can clearly hear the Voice that is desiring to teach us about ourselves, and with Venus as the ruler of Libra, the Voice we hear is the Voice of the Sacred Feminine.  Now that Jupiter has turned His radiant Illumination towards Scorpio’s deep mystical waters, it is a good time to reflect back over the past year that our Cosmic Guru gently breezed through our realm of Sacred Relationship to enumerate the myriad opportunities, experiences and ways in which we were offered awakened into Sacred Relationship.

Any good teacher will begin their address on new material by telling you what they expect you to know by the end of their presentation, then they provide you with the instruction on the new material, and finally they have you review what you have learned about the new material. Jupiter, being a good teacher, expects us to realize what we have activated in Sacred Relationship, and when we do, we are able to recognize and receive the BOON He has left us.

To do this, we must clarify what it means to be in Sacred Relationship.  Sacred Relationship is always about BEing in Sacred Relationship with our Self ~ FIRST.  When we are in Sacred Relationship with our Self, we are able to “step into our GREATNESS;” we are able to immerse ourselves in the FULLNESS of “Who we Are;” we are able to merge with the Unified Source Field ~ the frequency of LOVE. This is what it means to be a Master of Sacred Relationship.  We begin by FEELING connected with our Sacred Vessel (our physical body).  When we are able to genuinely FEEL how good it is to connected with our bodies, then we our Awareness naturally expands into FEELING connected with each of our Chakras.  Our Chakras are our energetic gateways to our Inner Being.  As we FEEL more deeply and more fully connected to our Chakras, we are able to genuinely FEEL how good it is to simultaneously be connected with our Sacred Vessel AND our Inner Being.  This momentum of expansion allows us to ease into FEELING connected with the Larger Part of us which is “Who we REALLY Are.”  The FEELING of BEing connected with the Fullness of Who we ARE is a feeling of PEACE and WELL-BEING ~ it is our BEING-NESS.  EVERYTHING we KNOW ourselves to BE is the GREATNESS of ALL That IS.  From this space of BEING-NESS, we FEEL loved by ALL That IS and we FEEL love for ALL That IS.  We KNOW that “Who we ARE” is PURE LOVE.  We are AWARE that PURE LOVE is ALL~Ways flowing into us and through us.  We KNOW that we are an Embodiment of LOVE. We are in Sacred Relationship with our Self.

Libra is the sign of Sacred Relationship.  It is important to understand this energetic relationship because the astrological house in your natal astrology chart that Libra rules IS “the path of least resistance” for how YOU are able to MOST EASILY ALLOW yourself to BE in Sacred Relationship with your Self.  There are numerous aspects about the astrological house that Libra rules in your chart that bestow upon you valuable insights as to how Juipter ~ the Cosmic Guru/Inner Guru ~ was expanding your EVOLVING Sacred Relationship with your Self.

For instance, Libra rules my FOURTH HOUSE. The Fourth House is one of the important “angular houses” which coincides with your I.C. and has great influence on you. The I.C. represents your Soul’s “energetic tap root” ~ where you come from and the way in which you energetically ground and support yourself.  The Fourth House has to do with what you consider “HOME” to be ~ what FEELS like home to you.  HOME includes your childhood home, your current home, family, land and your personal roots (ancestral lineage).  The Fourth House is ruled by the water sign Cancer, and the sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  Thus, the Fourth House represents the Lunar energy of Maiden, Mother and Elder (your Inner Child, your birth mother, your maternal lineage, your Inner Mother, being a Mother, the Grandmother Clan, Grandmother Earth, the Divine Mother). The water element represents your Emotional Self, your subconscious, your intuition and your Inner Emotional Safety, Security and Well-Being including your capacity to TRUST. The Fourth House also includes your capacity to create, birth, nurture and sustain Life. The caretaker, family, kindness, empathy, comforting and vulnerability are other intrinsic components of the Fourth House.

Once you have become familiar with the composition of your path of least resistance to your EVOLVING Sacred Relationship with your Self, here are some questions for you to utilize as focal points of Inner Inquiry to discover how Jupiter facilitated your personal development and consummation of more fully perfecting Sacred Relationship with your Self:

  • What new aspects of my Self do I now KNOW?
  • How have I grown in relationship to my Self?
  • What Wisdom about my Self have I acquired?
  • In what ways has my Conscious Awareness of my Self expanded?
  • How much more deeply am I connected to my Evolving Self?
  • Am I more Loving and Cherishing of “Who I AM?”
  • Am I allowing more of my GREATNESS to flow through my BEing?

Allow these questions to be the jumping-off place for your Self-Inquiry.  Your Inner Being will avail Itself of the momentum they create and inspire you with deeper and more personally fulfilling avenues to the Wisdom you are seeking.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. ~ Matthew 7:7

BEing in Sacred Relationship requires YOUR ATTENTION which is the purpose of meditation. Meditation allows you to FOCUS on your Self. The value of a meditative practice is that it provides you with a means to use inspired imagination to get from where you are in 3D consciousness to where you desire to be (5D+ consciousness).

With the Fourth House as my path of least resistance for BEing in Sacred Relationship, when I am in meditation, I concentrate on the FEELINGS of being grounded, supported, embraced, nurtured, cared for and provided for.  I really allow myself to soak in them until I start to get pruny. These FEELINGS are Root Chakra energies that are immensely soothing for me.  Using my meditation practice to dive into my Root Chakra is like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne for me. The fizziness quickly raises my Awareness into each higher Chakra as it bubbles up. I am spontaneously connected with my Inner Being, and together, WE soften into the Reality of my innate state ~ the FULLNESS of Who I AM.

The BOON I have received from Jupiter is the Gift of SIGNIFICANCE.  I AM Signficant, and it feels profoundly intimate. Over the course of the past year as Jupiter has made His sojourn through Libra, I have come to realize and appreciate the Beauty of Who I AM and to deeply love and cherish my Self for Who I AM.

When you choose to honor your Self by becoming Consciously Aware of how your Sacred Relationship has become more cooperative and collaborative, so that you can more openly FLOW the Fullness of Who You ARE into your manifest reality, you will realize the BOON that Jupiter has left for you to relish.  I invite you to come back here when you do, and share its magnificence with me in the comment section below.

For those who desire assistance with their discovery, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading.

Many blessings to you, Beloveds!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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