The Grand Finale of 2017


WOW!!!  What a Cosmic year 2017 has been, and December is like the finale of a fireworks show! I could not resist including Lady Liberty (above) in honor of the magnificent supporting roles of Uranus (Cosmic Liberator) and Eris (Goddess of Radical Truth) for this year’s main event who, in my opinion, is Saturn ~ our Cosmic Gatekeeper.

In March, I wrote about the significance of Saturn’s dance with our Galactic Center that has been in motion all year:

Saturn is conjoined with our Galactic Center! Our Galactic Center is located at 26° of Sagittarius. It is the second most powerful point on your natal chart next to the Sun.  Just as the Sun represents our Heart, the Galactic Center represents the Heart of our Galaxy.  It is the Sun of our Sun.

Saturn has been exactly conjoined with the Galactic Center (GC) since February 18th.  On March 6th, Saturn moved to 27°.  However, Saturn will retrograde back over the GC in May and November before moving out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. Keywords for Saturn that are often overlooked are WISDOM and DESTINY.  Saturn requires patience, and through patience, we will be receiving The Gifts from the Goddess, as the reemergence of Goddess Wisdom through NEW Aquarian Goddess Archetypes, directly from the Sacred Feminine right through our Galactic Center ALL YEAR!

Saturn is our Cosmic Gatekeeper.  He allows all things from the Cosmos to come through and be made manifest on Earth.  He provides the foundation for that which we create in the same way that a loom is the foundation for a tapestry, a canvas is the foundation for a painting, a choreography is the foundation for a dance, or an architectural design is the foundation for a building.

With Saturn conjoined the Galactic Center, a cosmic gateway has been opened to allow us to receive the FIRE (Wisdom) from “the Gods.” This FIRE is initiating our Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine into an energetically NEW foundation ~ a foundation of Higher Resonance ~ from which to engage with the world and Humanity.  ALL of this Expansion of the Collective Consciousness is connected.  They are fractals of our Ascension Process.  ~ excerpt from  The Illuminating Gift of the Goddess. 

We began 2017 with a Full Moon in Cancer, one corner of a transformative Grand Cross which I envisioned as a Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother.  I did not see then, as I do now in hindsight, that the Grand Cross energies were preparing us AND Saturn for His(Her) journey Home to Capricorn at this Winter SOLstice:

What are we “to do” to receive this Shamanic Initiation by the Great Mother?  We BREATHE.  Our breath is our most “tangible” expression of our Spirit ~ our Soul.  We ALLOW.  Allowing is how we Surrender to Her. Our Spirit’s deepest desire is to co-create with Source. Our surrender to the Goddess facilitates the co-creative process.  In our allowing, we become AWARE.  By being AWARE, we consciously experience the re-balancing of our Inner Feminine.

In our personal lives, our families and our communities, we have been in relationship with the Great Mother through Nature (Earth – Gaia) and our Elders, our Grandmothers.  It is a relationship that hangs on by a thread. The Spider is a symbol of the Grandmother:

As the weaver of the web, the spider symbolizes the spirit of creation. In several traditions, she’s the totemic symbol of the Mother, strong feminine energy. In Ancient Egypt, the spider was used as a symbol to represent the goddess of the Divine Mother, Neith. In some American Indian tribes, it is considered as the symbol for the creator of the world and by extension is associated with the female creative energy. ~ 


The Great Mother’s Shamanic Initiation is prompting us and inspiring us to reweave our relationship with Her.  The Grand Cross provides an exquisite foundation for us upon which we can take the frayed and lost threads to begin reweaving our new interconnection ~ where that which was once severed becomes reunited. ~ excerpt from Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother.


So, this is what the entire year of 2017 has been about ~ discovering the Truth about Saturn before She returns to Her Home in Capricorn to help us climb the Mountain that each of us came to scale in our process of reweaving our new interconnection with the Great Mother and Her Daughter ~ Gaia ~ our home.

“SHE,” some may be asking and scratching their head??!!

Yes … She.  It should come as no surprise, that like many aspects and representations of the Goddess that were usurped or annihilated by the Patriarchy, Saturn is a Goddess, very likely known as Saturnia prior to the Etruscan civilization (originating in the 7th century BC), not a God.

There is an ancient village in Tuscany, Italy by the name of Saturnia, a spa town.  They say the village was named for the Roman God, Saturn, yet I propose this is just another plot twist that has been handed down by Patriarchy.  The clues to Saturnia’s ancient past lie in its legend that Saturn, having grown tired of humanity’s constant warring, “sent a thunderbolt to earth that created a magic spring of warm sulphurous water which would pacify mankind.” Further, the main church in Saturnia is The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, another strong tie to the Sacred Feminine.

Saturnia Hot Stream

Menrfa, Goddess of Wisdom, is one of the MAJOR Etruscan Goddesses with a temple in every Etruscan city. She was often portrayed as a “lightning thrower!”  Like the Greek God Saturn, whose parents are the Sky and the Earth, Menrfa is the daughter of Tinia (Sky Father) and Uni (Earth Mother), all three of whom had the power to “wield thunderbolts.”  Interestingly, Tinia, Uni and Menrfa are considered a triple deity, very much like a triple moon Goddess (maiden ~ mother ~ crone), and it is said that Menrfa’s name came from the Moon Goddess, Meneswā, “She who measures.”

“She who measures” is another clue leading us to the Truth of Saturn being a Goddess as Saturn in Greek is known as Cronus, the God of Time, subsequently giving us Father Time, a marker or “measurer” of time.  I find it interesting that in the Greek mythology, Saturn was expelled from the home of the Greek Gods and banished.  I believe this is really a smoke screen for the banishment, by the Patriarchy, of Goddess Saturn from Her connection to the Sacred Feminine.

The name “Cronus” provides another clue for us as a derivative of the word “crone” ~ the Archetypal Wise Woman.  Speaking of wise women, Menerfa is depicted with Her Sacred Animal, the Owl ~ strongly associated with the moon and feminine energy.  The Owl is a symbol found, too, in the indigenous cultures and associated with the Grandmothers (the crones ~ the elders ~ the wisdom keepers).

Grandmother Goddess ~ Dark Mother

The word crone has been given a negative connotation by Patriarchy to evoke an image of an old, ugly woman or a hag, and has stripped the crone of the respect once afforded her for her wisdom.  The word crone originates from the old word for crown ~ crowen ~ to represent the wisdom emanating from their heads like a halo.  Other Wisdom Goddesses that may give us clues to Saturn’s original Sacred Feminine identity are:

  • Mother Holle (German) ~ The Wise Queen of Winter
  • Cerridwen (Celtic) ~ The Wisdom Keeper, the Keeper of the Cauldron (which represents the wisdom of old age)
  • Lilith (Hebrew) ~ Guardian of Women’s Mysteries

We seek out knowledge to guide us during life’s hardships and transitions.  I believe this is the authentic role of Saturn rather than rigidity, hardship and obstruction that have been laid upon Her.  Just as an Olympic Coach is dedicated to the success of her athlete, Saturn is dedicated to our success.  She is determined to get us to the top of our Mountain.

True to Her dedication, I have received some inspirations from Saturn during this current Mercury Retrograde period regarding Her higher frequencies:

  • She supports us in letting go of control, so that we can allow the Creative Life Force to flow through us and into manifestation.
  • She creates new Sacred Vessels to hold the Sacred Feminine.
  • She renovates damaged structures and restores old ones.
  • She rebuilds destroyed structures to provide new foundations in Service to Home, Family and Community.

While Saturn has been journeying through the realm of Sagittarius (the sign of Truth and Integrity), She has been doing all of those things within us and on the planet in Service to the Great Mother.  She has been guiding us into a new way of living in Truth.  She has been bringing us into integrity by inspiring us to align our thoughts, words and deeds.

During the Holiday Season, we decorate our homes with lights. Likewise, in preparation for the Winter SOLstice (12/21), Saturn will stand at the threshold of Her Home, 0° Capricorn, tomorrow (12/20) and hold open Its gateway, so that the Sun’s brilliant rays of Light can Illuminate Her and the Circle of Grandmothers.  Saturn has waited 29 years for this Cosmic Event, and the Galactic Center has prepared Her well.

For the next 2 1/2 – 3 years, Saturn will be ushering us into a more mature level of Consciousness that will elicit a new found responsibility for creating Home, Family and Community that is INCLUSIVE ~ building cultural structures with everyone in mind … our natural resources (land, air & water), our animals and our children.

We are being moved beyond the conditioning patterns of conformity to consensus reality (the old Capricorn paradigm) and into realignment and balance with natural laws and nature (the Great Mother of Cancer). ~ Mark Jones  (NOTE: parenthetical remarks are my own.)

This brings us full circle to my very first post of the year where I foretold the reweaving of our new interconnection with the Great Mother and Her Daughter ~ Gaia ~ our home.

There are so many examples in our daily news cycle that highlight how Humanity is not living in integrity among ourselves or with our planet. One of the most vile ways we have shirked our responsibility is with the lack of respect for our children and our disregard for their safety. The Goddess Saturn and the Circle of Grandmothers (Capricorn) are asking us to step up and create a culture where it is safe for our children to live.  This is a crucial piece of the reweaving that Humanity must accomplish.  Will we finally put our children’s well-being above politics and economics?  We can be assured that Pluto, who has been travelling through Capricorn since 2008, will make sure that we do.  And, by the end of next year, Jupiter will move into Capricorn to expand Saturn’s and Pluto’s efforts.

Meanwhile, towards that end, on December 13th, NINE days before the Winter SOLstice, the planet Eris (Goddess of Radical Truth) conjoined Uranus (Cosmic Liberator) in Aries were in trine to our Sun conjoined Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius.

Eris holds the Golden Apple, a symbol for Knowledge of our True SELF and Its deepest Values ~ that place within us that calls us to Action ~ a Call we cannot and will not deny. She has been moving back and forth over 23 degrees of Aries since 6/21/2014 and will continue to do so until 2/5/2023. For nearly 9 years, She is holding this Sacred Space for us within the Sky bringing significant activations to our Multidimensional Selves. While Uranus is dancing with Her (from 4/12/2014 – 3/11/2026) over the course of 12 years, Eris is empowering Him, bringing a sense of “shock & awe” to our liberating breakthroughs, breakthroughs that include important knowledge about our deep Soul intentions for our personal evolution.

ALL OF THAT was being encoded into our Heart Consciousness, by the Sun (your Heart Portal) / Mercury (Cosmic Messenger) Retrograde conjunction, as a deep recognition of Self-Integration and Self-Expression.

At the Total SOLar Eclipse in Leo back in August, our Hearts which had been remolded to mirror our Evolving Souls’ Expansion, essentially underwent Their first firing in the kiln.   At the POWERFUL December 13th Trine, our Newly Molded Hearts received the Glaze ~ the information that Eris and Uranus have been sending us about our Selves ~ the Truth about our deep values ~ which will permanently be emblazoned upon our newly expanded Hearts through the second kiln firing during the upcoming 2018 SOLar Eclipse on February 15th.

This is it, Beloveds!  We are READY. This Winter SOLstice marks the BEGINNING! The New Earth IS taking form now. We are the Ones Humanity has been waiting for.  We have been seeding our Hearts and the Collective Consciousness with Unity Consciousness for 23,765 years, since the last Capricorn Age. We will put our egoic-selves aside, and work together as a global community to acknowledge the Creative Value and Potential of every Individual.

The spiritual sun is a living and divine fire, and the source of creation, as explained in ancient sacred texts from around the world. However, as creation follows universal principles, the birth of the sun as the light of the first day also represents the birth of the light of our spiritual sun within us. It is born into the time of most darkness ~ the physical sun gives life to the external world, the spiritual sun gives spiritual life to the individual.  ~ The Path of the Spiritual Sun, by Belsebuub

We are living in such glorious times and are co-creating such Beauty with the Luminous Bodies of our Galactic Home. At this Winter SOLstice, I bow to our Sun and to Goddess Saturn for shining Their Lights within and without as we “fulfill the cycle of discovery and expansion and unfolding and coming together.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

For those who desire assistance with their Soul Expansion Journey, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading.

May your Hearts be filled with the Peace and Joy of the Season.
Many blessings to you, Beloveds!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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