Cosmic Wild Ride of Joyful Evolution

Since the Winter SOLstice on December 21, 2017, I have been on one amazing Cosmic WILD Ride!  It’s been an incredible 2 1/2 weeks for me.  So much so, I am not even sure where to begin!  One thing I do know with certainty, this ride has been all about taking me to my POWER-PACKED SOLar Return tomorrow, January 8th ~ my 55th birthday!!

I’m going to start with the Jupiter~Mars conjunction in Scorpio frequencies under which we began 2018, that became exact yesterday (1/6/2018) and will continue for nearly the next two weeks.

The Jupiter~Mars conjunction in Scorpio is in a deeply intense ACTIVATION mode:

  • through a conjunction to my natal Neptune at 15°15’ Scorpio, triggering a Powerful INITIATION,
  • AND through a conjunction to the Star Gate of Zubenelgenubi & Zubenelshamali,
  • while also through a sextile to my SOLar Return ~ my natal SUN with our transiting SUN~Venus~Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

On the Global Level, this activation of the Star Gate of Zubenelgenubi & Zubenelshamali last occurred in 1982, and it will not happen again until November 2053!!!  WHAT was going on in YOUR life 36 years ago??  This is a whole new evolutionary upgrade and expansion of these creative energies!

Cooperating with and inspiring each other, the Star Gate is BEing ILLUMINATED by my Heart Consciousness and the Heart Consciousness of our SOLar System while likewise my Heart Consciousness and the Heart Consciousness of our SOLar System are BEing ILLUMINATED by the Star Gate.

Here are some excerpts on an article by Cayelin Castell about this Star Gate:

If you have planets angles or Nodes near 15 Scorpio 17 (within at least 3 to 6 degrees) then you have a personal connection with Zubenelgenubi and the Scales of Justice (what just IS) representing the balance between yin and yang, male and female, Heaven and Earth. …

Zubenelgenubi is about finding inner harmony and independence while also strengthening our relationship with our spirit guides. This star also supports a more conscious connection with our twin flame usually located in other dimensions of reality – hence the additional value of accessing the star gate portal both Zubenelgenubi and Zubenelshamali represent.

Twin Flame

Zubenelgenubi also has the ability to support experiences of deep self acceptance through self-nurturing and self-love while bringing forth new concepts and ideas for relating. …

The Paradox of Accepting what JUST IS. ~ When we release the need to judge others (including ourselves) and learn to accept what IS, we gain the power to radically change our life experience because we stop attracting what it is we are judging. Carl Jung summed it up saying, “What we resist—persists.” Judgment along with denial and emotional control keep us locked into a limited narrow range of experience. Releasing the judgments we hold opens a space within, where greater love and magic is experienced.

Embracing guidance for how to proceed with the heart weighed in balance with the mind (the feather of Maat) these stars open a portal or gateway into a world of peace, plenty, love and ecstatic bliss. This balanced realm of heart and mind expressed easily through humanity long ago and has been lost. It is time to reclaim it!

What is BEing activated in this Star Gate for YOU ~ right NOW?!?! I invite you to share in the comments below.

Meanwhile, during this deeply intense Activation mode in Scorpio, my Venus Meta Goddess is the Scorpio Archetype of SHAMANESS.  She is on the move!  My once  Shamaness Dragon Energy and Medicine is now RISING as Eagle Energy and Medicine!!! (I received a visitation from a Bald Eagle the day before ~ 1/5 ~  this exact alignment!)

With my NEW Eagle Vision, my enhanced depth of perception enables me to more clearly pierce the murky and secret depths of people to Illuminate their TRUTH. I provide the cauldron in which they can safely rebirth their Sovereignty.

I have always felt a kindred spark and alignment with the Dark Goddesses: Kali, Pele, Hecate, Sekhmet and Cerridwen. Now, at Luna’s recent occulting of the Royal Star, Regulus ~ the Queen, They revealed to me that I am not “in Service” to the Goddess. I AM an Awakened ~ wings fully spread ~ Embodiment of the Goddess AND We Alchemically Create as ONE!

As a Venus ~ Scorpio Meta Goddess, I have used my immense power to compassionately heal my own personal deep patriarchal wounds and have transformed myself from Dragon to Eagle.

Last night (1/6), on the night of the Jupiter~Mars exact alignment, I had a NEW Shamanic Vision.  I have not experienced such a dramatic Vision since July 2014, which was a Leo New Moon Initiation.  I am keenly piqued by some familiar elements (the eagle, the grizzly bear, the grizzly bear’s teeth) which have made another appearance to me!

Here is the Vision:

I was sitting out on the lawn in the backyard of a house. It was an expansive piece of property, the backyard was quite large, and the grass of the backyard met the edge of a forest. I was talking to another woman, as we lounged in yard chairs, when I saw a panther leap out of the forest and come running towards us. While the panther was quite some distance away, its eyes were somehow right in front of mine.  I motioned to the other woman to look towards the panther, and we simultaneously jumped up out of our chairs and ran into the house.  We entered through a back sliding glass door that was 3-4 panels wide.  When I got inside, I was focused on getting all of the glass doors locked, and I was aware of the woman moving through the house to let the other people know that the panther was near.  After I secured the sliding glass doors, I went to another single door that opened out to the backyard ~ the house was an “L” shape floor plan ~ with the sliding glass doors on the long part of the “L” and this other single door on the short part of the “L”.  When I got to the single door, which had a glass pane in its top half, it was standing open.  I reached out to pull it shut, and as I did, I could see through the glass pane that a lot of children, dogs and adults were running towards the door.  I was aware that I was under the impression that the panther had morphed into a grizzly bear and a wolf!  The wolf was charging the grizzly bear, and both were coming towards this open door.  By this time, I had the door closed, but not locked, so as the children and dogs were getting close enough, I would open the door to let them come in to safety.  Meanwhile, more people were still frantically fleeing the wolf and grizzly bear who were getting closer and closer to the door.  Each time someone was close enough, I would open the door wide enough for them to get into the house.  Finally, the wolf and the bear were right outside the door, so I was trying to keep the door closed to lock it while others were trying to get it open.

Then, I noticed some strange things.  It was if everything began to slow way down, like when you are in a car accident, and then it all became suspended, so that I could clearly observe each aspect:

First, I noticed that the panther was still in the backyard, and over towards the forest away from clash between the wolf and bear.  I saw that the panther was being held back from them, protected so to speak, by a woman whose name I knew.  The name of this woman is someone whom I have virtually connected with on FaceBook, though have never met in person, and is a woman who has a similar interest as me in the shamanic aspects of astrology.  (Lucidly being aware that the people in our dreams that we “recognize” are aspects of ourselves, I found this to be quite intriguing from a higher-consciousness perspective.)

Next, I noticed that the grizzly bear was being held back from the wolf’s attacks by a man I recently met and with whom I have done some Shamanic work.  Likewise, the wolf was being held back from attacking the grizzly bear and the surrounding people who had not made it into the house by a small boy.  From my lucid perspective, my impression was that the boy was the younger self of the man with the grizzly bear. I was also keenly aware that each ~ the boy and the man ~ were much smaller in physical size than the animals they had hold of ~ the wolf and grizzly bear, respectively ~ yet their strength ~ their Power ~ was more than capable of handling the job.

Finally, I became hyper-focused on the wolf and the grizzly bear’s mouths as they were baring their teeth!

I was looking at the teeth of both of them from the RIGHT side of their mouths.  The right side of the body is considered to be the male side of the body ~ the yang energy.  While I am clarifying that for you here, I knew in the Vision that the boy/wolf and the man/grizzly bear symbols related to a message about my Sacred Masculine energy.  I also became clear about the panther being a symbol related to my Sacred Feminine energy.

The most peculiar part, which became the end of the vision, was the zooming in on just the teeth of the wolf and the grizzly bear.  The wolf’s teeth were green and gunky as if they were decaying. The grizzly bear’s teeth were clean and healthy.

Before I share my understanding of the Vision, I will share with you the Shamanic symbolism of the three power animals in it: panther, wolf, grizzly bear:


Black Panther’s Power Includes astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence, reclaiming Power.

The Panther is a very ancient and powerful spirit guide. Their power is lunar (moon). …

Panther holds the secrets of worlds that are unseen and are associated with lunar energies. Within the darkness of night resides the truth of creation. Black panthers have great mysticism associated with them. They represent the life and power of the night. They can show us how to welcome the darkness and rouse the light within it. Those with this power animal contain knowledge of a galactic origin, and have a responsibility to look after and respect this knowledge. …

When experiencing the presence of panther, one of their most striking features is their unblinking stare. It seems to see right through the body. Those with panther medicine can use their eyes as a healing tool and have the potential to heal on a cellular level.

Panther is a powerful guide to have, always bringing a guardian energy to those to whom it comes. ~ Ina Wolcott


Native American and Celtic custom regard Wolf as the way of find the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition. This is symbolized by the image of the wolf howling at the moon. Native Americans have long regarded wolves as teachers or pathfinders. In astrology, Wolf is represented by the Dog, Sirius, thought by many aboriginal tribes to be the home of the Ancients. …

This is a lonely path. To truly come to understand yourself, you must be alone, undeterred by the beliefs, judgments and views of others. The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self and to discover our inner power and strength. … ~ Ina Wolcott


Some anthropologists say that the Bear was one of the first animals to be revered by humans. Celtic tradition holds that the Primal Mother is the Bear goddess Artio, a fierce protector. Bear is also associated with the Goddess Artemis. Bear has been a figure in the forefront of many Native cultures. Beliefs state that the power of the Great Spirit lives through the bear, therefore making them highly sought after guides due to their fearless medicine. …

Bear is linked to trees, considered to be natural antennas, joining the heavens and the Earth. Bear also has ties to the seven colour rays of the Universal Light, as well as Lunar associations, linking the conscious and subconscious mind. ..

The female bear gives birth to the cubs while asleep. Due to this Bear is regarded as a symbol of the deepest inner wisdom, of the dreamtime and transformation. When giving ourselves over to sleep we become receptive to the Great Mother who nurtures us. As we delve deep into our identities and lose our egos, going back to our primal and elemental natures, we find we are part of Infinity and of All That Is/The Universe/One. … ~ Ina Wolcott


 “Teeth” in the dream world are most often an archetypal image of the dreamer’s sense of confidence and competence in the waking world.  ~Eric Ackroyd

It is important to understand that everyone has their own unique Soul language, and thus, symbols that mean one thing to me, may mean something very different to you.  Because of the power of this Vision and my impulse to share it, I know that this Vision has meaning for whomever is reading this.  So, while I offer what this Vision’s message is to me, I invite you to tap into your own Soul language and discover its unique message for you.  You are more than welcome to share it with me in the comments below, and if you would like to discuss it with me to achieve more clarity, you are welcome to contact me.

My interpretation of the Vision:

First and foremost, the primary clue to me, is that I had this Vision on the night of the exact alignment of the  Jupiter~Mars conjunction in Scorpio.  This is truly a message brought to me by my Venus ~ Scorpio Meta Goddess, the Shamaness, as symbolized by the panther.  Nearly every descriptive word that Ina Wolcott uses about the panther relates to the Archetypal energy of  Scorpio.  The Panther is clearly the Dark Goddess.

The wolf represents for me the last 36 year cycle of the Jupiter~Mars conjunction in Scorpio.  The last 36 years have indeed been a period of  learning about my inner self and discovering my inner power and strength.

The grizzly bear represents a couple of things for me.  First, it represents the initiation of this new 36 year cycle of the Jupiter~Mars conjunction in Scorpio. There is also its connection to the Great Mother which has provided me insights at the Full Moon in Cancer on January 1st, the Moon’s occult of the Ancient Star, Regulus ~ the Queen, on January 4th, and still to come, the New Moon in Capricorn on January 16th and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st.

It’s important to note that the Full Moon in Cancer on the First day of January (conjoined my natal Orcus ~ my Sacred Vow to the Sacred Feminine ~ in the 9th House of my SOLar Return chart ~ the House of the Guru) and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo (conjoined the North Node ~ in the 10th House of my SOLar Return Chart ~ the House of the work I am known for) on the Last day of January are both at 11°!  I see the “11” as a pair of Egyptian pillars, clearly marking the entrance and exit of a Quantum Temple for the Great Mother. The Mystery School we all entered on New Years’s Day has much Wisdom to impart to us this month, and we are only through the first week! My sojourn through the Great Mother’s Mystery School is preparing me to STEP-OUT in full confidence and alignment with what I came here to this Beautiful Planet to BE and DO ~ for and with ~ our Planet, Gaia, and Humanity.

As for the teeth, for me, they are another representation of the death and rebirth mysteries that are associated with Scorpio and Pluto ~ the end of one 36 year cycle and the birth of a new 36 year cycle.

Another aspect of Scorpio and Pluto is REGENERATION. So while the Power Animals are themselves feminine in nature, the Power that I spoke to of the young boy with the wolf and the man with the grizzly bear is very much associated with Inner Masculine.  Thus, it is important to recognize that my own POWER ~ my Inner Masculine ~ has gone through just as significant of a regeneration as my Inner Feminine.  Thus it should be to maintain the balance of Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Union.

I haven’t gone into much detail here about the Full Moon in Cancer on January 1st or the Moon’s occult of Regulus on January 4th.  You can visit my FaceBook page to see my posts relative to those events.

Before I close this post, I do desire to bring your attention to the Sun~Venus~Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that will be exact on 1/9, the day after my SOLar Return, and happening on my natal Sun.  I am certain that there are elements related to this Powerful Alignment of Transforming (Pluto) our Heart Consciousness (Sun) through the Frequency of LOVE (Venus) that are embedded in my Vision.  Perhaps I will share them in my next post when I write about the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo ~ the sign of our HEART!

Beautiful representation of the Sun~Venus~Pluto conjunction energies

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my SOLar Return (tomorrow ~ 1/8) is POWER-PACKED!  The Sun~Venus~Pluto conjunction in Capricorn taking place on top of my natal Sun is only the beginning for me!!! The Source of Quantum Energy (Sun ~ my Heart) that the Sacred Feminine (Venus) uses to create through me is being completely regenerated and re-empowered (Pluto), so that I can join the Wise Women (Capricorn ~ Circle of Grandmothers) on my Mountain Peak and collaborate with Them in Visioning our New Earth! The grid work we are setting up will enable the next 7 generations to start their evolutionary trek on “terra firma.”  REJOICE my Beloveds!  The Era of Patriarchy is no more.  The Culture of Sovereignty has been reborn!!

We will have a New Moon at 26° of Capricorn on January 16th that will conjoin Venus.  The Circle of Grandmothers are seeding Their Love and Their Wisdom in the Collective Heart Consciousness of Humanity to be recognized and acknowledged by the Emotional Guidance System on a personal level by every individual.  The Sacred Web of Interconnectedness now glistens with the dew of our awakened feeling nature.

Circle of Grandmothers ~ the Wise Women

Then, I have an exquisite Water Trine set up to nourish me during the process as the Jupiter~Mars conjunction in Scorpio is conjoined my natal Neptune AND Neptune in Pisces is conjoined my natal Jupiter. With all of this Jupiter~Neptune activated energy flowing into me, my capacity for expansion is Unlimited and Unconditional!!

I will be walking the Relationship Path of Conscious Equal Partnership this year, and I am eagerly anticipating my rendezvous with my embodied Sacred Masculine, as I hold the frequency of Conscious Equal Partnership for Humanity to come into resonance with.

My Mid~Heaven is aligned with the cusp of my second house of Leo, so my Sacred Work will be Heart-Centered and dedicated to Heart EXPANSION!

AND, as if ALL THAT were not enough, the North Node in Leo is at a near exact (2 minutes) square with my natal Neptune in Scorpio! Remember earlier when I told you that my natal Neptune is in the intense depths of INITIATION!?!?  I was NOT kidding!  I have reached that point of attraction on my evolutionary journey where I AM rendezvous~ing with the ONENESS that we are!!! The tension of opportunity that this alignment is providing me opens me up to Feeling it, BEing it, Expanding it!

What an amazing Evolutionary Unfolding to behold!  Such amazing Grace from GODDESS. Aho! JAI Mahamaya ki jai!!!

Now that I have shared the powerful aspects of my SOLar Return with you, aren’t you eagerly excited about receiving insight on your own SOLar Return?!

When you schedule your SOLar Return Reading with me any time this year, mention the CODE: Heart, and I will GIFT you a 2018 Individual Membership ($60 Value) to The GOLDEN RAY Center Community which will grant you an IMMEDIATE 40% discount ($200 savings) on your SOLar Reading. PLUS … membership (expires 12/31/2018) gives you additional discounts on all of my work for the remainder of the year in addition to access to The GOLDEN RAY Center newsletter.

Thank you for walking this JOYFUL journey with me!
Many blessings to you!
Sofia Mona Lisa


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