Opening your Heart to the Sacred Masculine


Well, Gorgeous Goddesses, it’s been a month since I have reached out to share in a significant way.  Since my Alchemical Creation High Priestess Emergence Ceremony, I have been discovering a new center within myself. The Gemini New Moon energies were significantly supportive of my Magical Maiden and her playful settling into this new space of creation. For those of you who follow me at The Golden Ray Center’s FaceBook page, you were able to bear witness to some of the unfolding of my process.  If you are not connected with me through my FaceBook page, I invite you to join me there as it is another container for valuable insights, inspiration and support that does not make it into this blog or my newsletter.

Today is our Sagittarius Full Moon at 18°!  Sagittarius is the Lover of Truth and the Quest for meaning and purpose.  Sagittarius inspires expanded states of consciousness.  I love this Full Moon because my Inner/Sacred Feminine (Venus) is in Sagittarius.  She loves to have the spotlight on Her and to receive Illumination from the Divine Mother (Luna).

The foundation for this Sagittarius Full Moon is the FIRE trine between the North Node (our Cosmic GPS) and the Saturn/Galactic Center conjunction.  I have written earlier this year about the significance of Saturn being conjoined with our Galactic Center ~ the HEART of our Galaxy ~ which is streaming the Sophia-Christ Consciousness energies straight into our own Hearts, like an arrow hitting the center of a bull’s eye.  You can read about that here.  The significance of this FIRE trine is that it is reassuring Humanity that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in our evolution.  Everything that we are experiencing is PERFECT!

There are four other significant streams of energy coming through at this time that are being fed power and momentum from the FIRE trine.  In fact, the Cosmic FUELing of these streams of energy is more potent than any energy source we are currently aware of on our planet!  WHEW!!!  You ARE feeling it, aren’t you?!?!

These FOUR significant streams of energy are pouring in from the Venus (2TA39) / Mercury (3GE54) semi-sextile,  the Mercury (3GE54) / Mars (2CN52) semi-sextile, the Moon (18SG22) / Pluto (18CP51) semi-sextile and the Venus (2TA39) / Mars (2CN52) sextile.  Please take particular note that two of the energies paving the way for our integrative opportunities are Mercury in Gemini and Moon (Luna) in Sagittarius.  Mercury (Cosmic Messenger) and Luna (Divine Mother) are holding the polarities of the Relationship Path of the Quest Mate, which is being activated by our New Moon in Gemini and Full Moon in Sagittarius this month!  Through the Relationship Path of the Quest Mate, we are desiring to be with the person(s) who support our spiritual quest ~ our search for Truth.  This person is very likely NOT your significant other, and it is a beautiful experience when it is.  That is because the Quest Mate relationship requires much SPACE and FREEDOM.  Thus, we often recognize this relationship through the Guru/Disciple dynamic. Remember, we are forging new territory in Sagittarius, so the old ways of the Guru/Disciple may be too limiting for you depending on where you are in your personal evolution.  At this Sagittarius Full Moon, the Inner Guru is your Quest Mate.  How do you define your Inner Guru in this moment? Is it your Inner Feminine or your Inner Masculine?  Is it the Divine Mother or Divine Father?  Perhaps the Goddess or the Priestess Oversoul is your Quest Mate right now.  OR, maybe your Power Animal is desiring you to recognize it.  It is important for you to be aware of your Inner Guru, so that you can consciously engage with It.  Your Inner Guru IS absolutely revealing Itself to you right now!

Let’s take a deeper look at the Mercury / Mars and Moon / Pluto semi-sextiles:

Mercury (Cosmic Messenger and ruler of Gemini) is amplifying your ability to commune with both your inner world and the Cosmos.  It is clearing a way through the Fears and the Shadow of Patriarchy for you to rediscover and re-establish your connection with your Inner/Sacred Masculine (Mars).  In Cancer, the “softer” side of the Sacred Masculine is available to us.  We can feel safe to hear Him and to be Present with Him. He is desiring for you to know how much He loves and cherishes you.  He is desiring for you to know that He will care for you, support you and protect you, if you will open your Heart to Him and TRUST Him. Mercury in Gemini has opened-up the space within you to receive this message from your Inner/Sacred Masculine.  Relationships are a two-way street. He has been talking to you throughout your whole life, and His messages to you have been hitting up against the wall that all your fears around the Wound of the Patriarchy have created within you.  It is time, Beloved, to bring this wall down so that you can reconnect and re-engage with the nurturing love and commitment of your Inner/Sacred Masculine.  It is time to relax into His embrace for He is truly the safe space in which you can allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Luna (Divine Mother) in Sagittarius is bringing forth the TRUTH about the Wound of the Patriarchy and its perversion of the Sacred Masculine energy. The Truth is that we MUST reconnect with the Sacred Masculine.  This IS the only way to restore the Culture of Sovereignty and re-establish Sacred Relationship.  Until we reconnect with the Sacred Masculine, our Inner Masculine and our Inner Feminine cannot achieve Sacred Union ~ Hieros Gamos.  Hieros Gamos is the Way to Enlightenment.  For all those that are desiring Ascension, Hieros Gamos is the WAY.  Ascension is the process of expanding your consciousness into Sofia-Christ Consciousness.  When your consciousness is ONE with the Sofia-Christ Consciousness, you have become Enlightened.

As Luna beams this Truth across our Cosmos, the Ancient Elder (Capricorn) within each of us is remembering this Truth and re-embracing this Wisdom.  This is the Truth that will set us FREE! Our Inner Ancient Elder’s have been awakened by this “shot heard ’round the world” and are NOW consciously co-creating with the transformational and empowering energies of Pluto.  Humanity is recognizing the wake of destruction that has been left by the Patriarchy to our planet, its resources, our families, our women and our children.  Pluto has initiated the collapse of all our social systems that hold us prisoner to patriarchal domination and abuse.  Pluto has initiated the collapse of all the false beliefs that hold us prisoner to fear.  Now, together, we can empower ourselves through the Truth and Wisdom being received at this time to reclaim our Sovereignty and restore our Planet for the next Seven Generations!

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the Venus (2TA39) / Mercury (3GE54) semi-sextile and the Venus (2TA39) / Mars (2CN52) sextile:

Venus (Sacred Feminine) in Taurus is paving the way for the message (Mercury) from the Sacred Masculine (Mars) to be received into your Sacred Vessel ~ your body ~ planting (grounding) its resonance into every part of your DNA.  Together, Venus and Mars are activating your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine, preparing your Inner World for the transformational seeds of Their paradigm shifting Reality and Truth.  It is the seeds of their Truth that will rebirth the Culture of Sovereignty and Sacred Relationship through each of us!

I remind you that Saturn is conjoined with our Galactic Center in Sagittarius (the sign of Truth and Integrity). Saturn is building the foundation upon which the Wound of the Patriarchy will be healed gracefully through love, compassion and forgiveness, so that the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine can be fully actualized.  With the restoration of  the Sacred Masculine energy and the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine energy, the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine within all of Humanity will once more be balanced. Just to ensure the success of this Cosmic Decree, the Sophia-Christ Consciousness is being poured into us individually and globally through the Heart of our Galaxy.

If you would like to know how these current energies are unfolding within you, I invite you schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me.  When you use the CODE: TRUTH, I will give you a 20% discount.  This offer expires on the New Moon in Cancer, June 23rd.

By the way, on June 23rd, Luna will have traveled across the Sky to stand where Mars (Sacred Masculine) is right now.  What a blessing from the Divine Mother!!

I also invite you to share your feedback in the comments below.  Thank you!

Much LOVE to each of you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

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